10 Steps to Reawaken Your Sensual Self

 To truly connect with another on an intimate, heart connected, soul entwined level, you must first commit to exploring you. Owning and honouring your Divine self and all of who you are means starting with yourself, by yourself. For some it is easier to start on the outside with the body and work in towards the heart and mind, soul and spirit. These 10 steps can provide an ideal place for you to dive into this journey....more

5 Things to Know About Essential Oils and Sexuality

Sometimes, the path to increased sensuality and sexual energy seems almost too difficult to navigate. Everything pulls you in the opposite direction - a direction that leads to fatigue, stress, and low libido.  Your family, job and community responsibilities absorb every bit of your energy.  And the sensual woman inside you, the one who appeared frequently in the early years of your marriage, seems to have disappeared.  Very often, it seems like finding her will take more effort and energy than you have to give....more

Sensuality Hub, Feet, Food, Fashion and More - Blog Plans for 2015

The idea of a year long elaborate meal discussion in my previous post brought the answer to this: Plans for my b...more

Personal Pace

Time is such a precious and slippery thing.It slips through our fingers whether we want it to or not, and its insistence on doing so whether we like it or not, makes it precious—it’s true to itself.This post is about pace oddity—slowing down or speeding up events that are faster or slower than we’d like them to be, and why.That’s really more about perspective. I feel less of an urge to change the timing of events than to find something more interesting to do to change my perception of the event....more

Being French: How to Get Your Sex On!

Let me start this article by saying that I want to share with you a book that has literally brought new life into this aging body, mind and soul of mine. I learned about this book when Esther Perel recommended it after reading my article that mentioned her TedTV video on Love and Desire in a Long-Term Relationship....more

I love your breasts. Isn't that enough?

She knew she was in love when he told her that she said things to him, sweet things, nice things, compliments, that no one ever said before. He wanted to be Superman and here was the woman who needed saving.Their codependecies met and fell in love. Honestly, they did the best they could to keep up the fairy tale. Then she changed everything about herself to be perfect for him. She was mommy, best friend, and at times, lover. Now. as she thinks back, the "at times" came more from an unconscious belief that he was not attracted to her....more
wow. so much here. heartache. love. selfgrowth. rediscovery of worth. suggestion: perhaps the ...more

Cosmic Courtesan: July Horoscopes

 Intuitive horoscopes for women that taps them into their senses A divine bomb of sensuality, sexuality, and spirituality.....more


Before I really get into things here, I think it is important to define what I mean when I talk about being "sensual". When you first hear the word, what do you think of? Is it sex? It usually is for me. And although it's not entirely unrelated, I'm talking about a more thorough exploration of the senses in general, which, in theory, should make sex more fulfilling as well. I tried to look up some definitions, and they some of them made it seem hedonistic and bad....more



MISSING THE HISTORY In the long months after my husband died, what I missed most was HIM -- his person, his presence, the joy of feeling completed by another human being. Over the long term (5 years), with the rawest of grief abated, what I miss most is our shared history. After more than 30 years of living and loving together, a couple can speak volumes with a single glance, feel contentedly linked during periods of silence, understand thoughts expressed in incomplete sentences, or not expressed not at all....more

Reclaiming Your Sensual Self: Taking Down the Filters

When was the last time you had sex for the sake of your senses? No, think about this. This isn't a question about orgasm. This isn't even about pleasure in and of itself. This is about using every given sense receptor, focusing on it and really, truly experiencing what that sense tells you, not just whether it feels good or not, harder, baby, harder, deeper, deeper, faster, faster, oh, yeah, oh, yeah. No. Think: when was the last time you lived your sensory data? ...more

This was beautiful. It's something I'm working on right now in my sex life, so I appreciate your ...more