He Could Have Been My Child - Story of a Homeless Youth

Mundane and expected – parents approach the bittersweet final weekend of summer wanting to make sure the summer beach toys are put away, sleep schedules are being wound back and calculators are purchased in anticipation for what will be just another regular school year. And it isn’t just the parents who are focused on the fast approaching school year. Our kids are already lusting after the latest tech gadgets and gear, discussing dorm decor and obsessing over the outfit they will wear for their first day of school.Well, most kids....more

My Kids are Rock Stars

My son has made collecting an Olympic sport. He will collect anything. He has all the Skylander’s, every army guy/tank/helicopter he can get his hands on. There is a collection of shark teeth which includes a shark jaw and one prehistoric Megladon tooth that was a birthday gift last year. Through the years we have accumulated Playmobile sets galore, enough Papo figurines to start our own store, and everything he could get his hands on that was related to the Edmund Fitzgerald. I am blaming my husband and Gordon Lightfoot for that last one....more

Clutter Be Gone

We hate it. Clutter. It's distracting. It's a reminder of what we haven't gotten done. So why is it always following us around? Why can't we give it the karate chop it deserves? We all tend to blame it on lack of time (more likely the result of not prioritizing it over other things) but often it's because letting go is hard. In a recent Yale study, researchers noted that your brain views the loss of one of your valued possessions as the same as something that causes you physical pain....more

Gluten Free Crackers: A Mother's Day Gift

 Gluten Free CrackersA Mother's Day Gift ...more

My Favorite Ornament

Do you have a favorite ornament on your tree? Is is the one your child made when they were in kindergarten? Maybe a handprint? Or an angel made out of a coffee filter?I have a favorite. It's one with a story befitting this season of giving. It's a little blue church....more
Such a beautiful holiday proposal! Wishing you and yours the best over the holiday season! Merry ...more

Gonna Take a Sentimental Journey... What're your favs?

In reckless disorder, here are a few sentimental pop songs I love. Shall I sing you a few bars?No, you’re right. Let’s stay friends instead.What are some of your favorite sentimental pop songs, especially those songs the world may have forgotten? The mushier, the better. If the song makes you cry, better yet. I want to know!P.S. There are some glaring omissions from my list, like Elvis, because I couldn't make up my mind....more
@isthisthemiddle OMG, Melanie! I used to listen to that song, "What Does it Take..." over and ...more

The Yard Sale :: Selling Our Symbols

Yard sales are hard. And I don't mean the sorting and the cleaning and the pricing. I mean hard on the heart! We recently decided to end our adoption process in order to focus more fully on our daughter's needs as a child with inattentive type ADHD.    That was a hard enough decision. ...more

Last First Birthday

What a bittersweet day. My last baby turned one year old today. Right around the time I was pushing him out last year, he was eating his birthday cupcake and carrying on like the normal, healthy, insane child that he is....more

32 years: I am who I am. And it's all good.

I've always struggled with what I wanted to be -- occupationally....more

Her Divine Role

Disclaimer: I will only consider myself a success if my mom loses water weight by the end of this post due to her sheer volume of tears shed. Disclaimer fin.Once upon a time, I knew more than my mother. Or at least I thought I did. Like, totally. And because I so obviously knew more of the world than her, I knew she was too strict, too paranoid, too invasive, too present....more