This is a question that has been plaguing writers and content creators for a while. With the advent of SEO and SMO practices (Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Optimisation, to me and you), there has been a huge shift in content creation parameters, online....more

SEO Basics and a Toast to YOAST

 Other than, "where do you get your hair done?" The second most common question that I get asked isHow can we make it easy for people to find my website?Great question. There are a lot of websites out there and what is the use of having one if no one can find it. Right? Right....more

Handling Google Penguin and Panda Update

The whole digital world is interested in most recent algorithm update from Google. Last week there has been update in Google boosting local search and yelp search issue. Earlier Yelp has complained that Google is manipulating and showing his result even people include “Yelp” in search box. Coping with this issue Google has launched a new update without any name.  However Search engine land people gave this update a name” Google Penguin Update “....more

Seven Things Your Website Should Have to Grow Your Business

One: Responsive Design.  Your website should be Responsive. That means your mobile users will be able to navigate your website easily, without magnifying the screen to read your content you spent hours and hours writing. Responsive Design makes your website display well on any device: iPhone; Droid; iPad; other tablets; laptop; desktop computer. Why? Because if you don't, your competitor will and snatch up your business. ...more
HowardLewinter Pretty cool ---> I was reading someone else's Tweets when your notification ...more


Are you panicking that your search engine ranking is about to tank because you've published guest posts on your blog? Have you got your emails ready? You know, the ones you plan to send out to every blog you've guest posted on, requesting they remove your guest post because it's now a big No-No according to Google... STOP. Slow down girlfriend. We're about to quickly discuss what you should do if:...more

SEO Tips For The Work At Home Mom

I have to be honest with you all, I just found out what SEO stood for earlier this year! It stands for Search Enging Optimization (SEO).  I never understood the importance of a few key things to put into place every time I publish a blog post. The internet is an ever changing space and a few things have changed when it comes to getting found online. Now that you work at home and have a website/blog, how do you drive traffic to your site? Here are a few SEO Tips To Follow1. Write intriguing content....more

Blogging: Do You Even Care about SEO?

With almost 2 billion people online, having very few readers on our blogs seems to be a problem that reflects our capacities as bloggers and web managers, doesn’t it? I feel like I’m not doing enough to make sure my website gets viewed by the people who might find it useful....more

Identifying Authority Bloggers that Will Generate Links and Traffic to Your Website

Beyond offsite promotions, one of the greatest benefits a quality blogger can offer is links to your website to increase your SEO value. This will result in more traffic, higher search rankings, more visibility, and increased sales opportunities....more

Tips To Help You Run A Successful SEO Campaign

Search engine optimization has proven to be quite successful in establishing traffic to your website. It does not matter what type of business you run. If you have a website that you are trying to promote, take time to read through the following tips to make the most of your efforts....more

Google Author Rank: Are You Too Late?

Google Author Rank: Are You Too Late? It’s not like it’s the first post written on the topic, so why am I writing one here at Traffic Generation Café? TL;DR  You should definitely read this post because:...more