SEO/Analytics Chat Recap

I love the ladies of Shades of Social Media. They are so encouraging and knowledgeable!...more

Freaky Social Media Branding Techniques for Halloween

Many of us love walking or driving around during the holidays to see all of the decorations up at homes and in stores. It makes us feel united, festive and nostalgic. It only makes sense to bring those same uniting feelings to your online community....more

Takeaways from PubCon Las Vegas 2012 

As usual PubCon day 2 was jam-packed full of information. Also known as the “Premier Search and Social Media Conference,” everything from social media to search engines and online advertising were discussed. So what did we learn while attending? Below is a recap as well as some of the highlights from the day....more

Making Your Links Penguin Friendly: A Guide to Linking for SEO with the Latest Penguin Update

Another Google Update? Google is revising the rules again for it’s Web Spam fighting Penguin and it has some people feeling disoriented and wondering what to do now. Well there’s no need for that! You just need to follow these simple steps in order to keep the Penguin at bay....more

Keywords are Evil and Other SEO Tips for Bloggers.

If you're trying to strike Google gold using a single, specific keyword, you’re doomed to fail.Why? Well, because people don’t search for single words. And that’s what a keyword is: the word (or words) people type into the search box on Google to find what they’re looking for.Think about it. When was the last time you searched for, oh I don’t know, cake? That’s it. Just the word cake. Probably never, right?...more

Why Bloggers Are Getting Their Behinds Kicked By Niche Marketers

Bloggers Are Letting Niche Marketers Bury ThemNow Bloggers, even beginners, are naturally niche ma...more

Is SEO Really Dead? Or Has it Morphed into a Social Superhero!

The lines have become blurred from traditional SEO to what I call SEO on “steroids”. The fuel that drives the traditional SEO engine is still relevant, from keyword-rich website content, code to content ratio and optimization, to being Google compliant. However, today search engines are paying increasing attention to an online social activity. Consistent social engagement indicates that a website is an active participant in commerce and is not just a content generator or link farm....more

Essential Tools and Advice for the Upcoming Blogger

Several weeks ago, I accepted an invitation from Dr. Rick Wilber, author of Future Media (read my review of his book on BlogCritics or SeattlePI) to speak with his students about freelance writing and establishing oneself as an online writer....more

Retroactive SEO Tags

 HIGH FIVE. Gotta, gotta get up to get down (yeah, I’m bringing back Borat and Coolio for this celebratory jam, friends)....more

Web Success Team’s 16 Online Marketing Recommendations

The Web Success Team follows a wide variety of online marketing experts so we thought that we would create an annual summary of those that we like the best or highly recommend. Every category from SEO to content curation and social media all have an expert or platform that can help you stay organized or teach you about cutting-edge, innovative techniques....more