On Page SEO Plugin Domination: The Battle of the Best

On Page SEO Plugin Domination: The Battle of the Best http://www.trafficgenerationcafe.com/on-page-seo-plugin/ On Page SEO Plugins: what are they? What do they do? Will using them result in better search engine rankings and more traffic? Which one is best?...more

Steal Your SEO Competition’s #1 Google Rank – A Guide to Reverse Engineering

Steal Your SEO Competition’s #1 Google Rank – A Guide to Reverse Engineering http://www.trafficgenerationcafe.com/reverse-engineering-guide/ Reverse Engineering goes well beyond the concept of 'finding good places to get backlinks from' and takes your SEO to an entirely new level....more

Weekly Marketing Skinny: April 21, 2013

Weekly Marketing Skinny: April 21, 2013 http://www.trafficgenerationcafe.com/weekly-marketing-skinny-april-2-2013/ In the spotlight this week:...more

When “They” Steal Your Search Engine Ranking and Traffic…

What happens when your content starts to bring in readers to another site rather than yours? As in “another site outranks your original content in Google search“? http://www.trafficgenerationcafe.com/search-engine-ranking-debate/...more

5 Easy Steps To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Blogs are a very popular ways of promoting your product or service. They are easy to install, easy to administer and easy to update. And search engines love them too.But what is a blog without traffic? Exactly.Here are five quick ways to boost traffic to your blog and start seeing those big sales....more

How Your Social Media Habits May Affect Your SEO

You might be surprised to learn that your social signals, or, how effective you are in social media, is playing an increasingly important role in your search engine optimization. ...more
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Choosing Keywords and Monitoring Analytics

What are Keywords?Ah, keywords. So simple, yet so complex, and so important to SEO!...more
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Weekly Marketing Skinny – February 9, 2013 | TrafficGenerationCafe.com

I read everything.You get the skinny.See what happened in marketing in the past week.Plus, awesome Kaepernick presentation and Hello Kitty in space!http://www.trafficgenerationcafe.com/weekly-marketing-skinny-february-9-2013/...more

Are You Keeping Search Optimization Locked with the Wrong Keywords?

Keywords might seem basic, but many people still don’t know what to do with them, let alone how to use them well. For a word that has “key” in it, it really can lock you out of some great opportunities if not used properly.  Avoid this pitfall by educating yourself on some common misuses of keywords in SEO....more