Google Penalties for Big Cheaters

Two major newspapers in the US have revealed search engine optimisation’s “dirty little secrets” and Google has dropped the offending companies in the search results....more

Getting Crawled - It's more fun than you think

You heard me. Getting crawled sounds like something vastly unpleasant like a scene out of The Matrix, but it's actually quite enjoyable once you get used to it. ...more

Changing Your SEO Strategies to Google’s New PageRank Reality

Wondering how to improve your PageRank in Google? Here are the details in this new article by Web Success Team Contributor  Bob Speyer.Google PageRank has been a gold standard for SEO. Website owners and marketers are obsessed with it because it is one of the most visible ranking factors in measuring the effectiveness of their SEO efforts. However, with over 200 ranking factors, Google has stated that webmasters should concentrate more on creating relevant content and improving conversion rates for best PageRank results....more

Your SEO Love Potion

Real Content by Real People on Savvy Sites = SEO Here it is: My Official SEO Guide (otherwise known as)...more

Your 200 Signals

This morning Sonia Simone, one of my favorite bloggers, posted on ...more

How Good Link Text Makes You a Better Blogger

It's not helpful when every link says click here. Nothing descriptive at all about that link text. In some situations, it can be a compelling call to action, but it needs a title attribute (plus alt text if it's an image) that provide more descriptive information about the link destination. ...more

Guest bloggers are usually motivated by the desire to drive traffic to their own blogs, right? ...more

How Yahoo Answers Drives Traffic To Your Site

Have you ever typed a question into a search engine and found yourself directed to Yahoo answers? Simply put, Yahoo answers is a site where people can find answers to their questions....more

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The $11.50 Mystery

The Two  Whos had a mystery on their hands!  They could not figure out why their Google Ad Sense was not working.  They were happy that the ads on their blog were for micro financing especially for companies that were using solar…but they also were wondering why their ads stopped working .  Let it be known that neither Who is really techno /blog savvy!  They learned about blogging from the ground up , pushing this button and that button and dreaming of the SEO.  Here is an excerpt from a post from their first month of blogging:...more

Q & A: Little Nuggets of Information to Tuck Away Until the Next Round of Trivia

Points to Ponder Some people land on Motherly Law looking for information that's not necessarily on my site, but the key word combinations are in posts on Motherly Law....more

Children Choking Apples?

4th Place Winner Still Gets...more