How Yahoo Answers Drives Traffic To Your Site

Have you ever typed a question into a search engine and found yourself directed to Yahoo answers? Simply put, Yahoo answers is a site where people can find answers to their questions....more

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The $11.50 Mystery

The Two  Whos had a mystery on their hands!  They could not figure out why their Google Ad Sense was not working.  They were happy that the ads on their blog were for micro financing especially for companies that were using solar…but they also were wondering why their ads stopped working .  Let it be known that neither Who is really techno /blog savvy!  They learned about blogging from the ground up , pushing this button and that button and dreaming of the SEO.  Here is an excerpt from a post from their first month of blogging:...more

Q & A: Little Nuggets of Information to Tuck Away Until the Next Round of Trivia

Points to Ponder Some people land on Motherly Law looking for information that's not necessarily on my site, but the key word combinations are in posts on Motherly Law....more

Children Choking Apples?

4th Place Winner Still Gets...more

Amusing Searches: Second Most Read Post from Search Engine Traffic

Ignoring the Threat of Distractions The second most read post based on traffic from search engines…drum roll, please…..Driv...more

Searches, Queries and Key Words: Most Read Post Based on Traffic from Search Engines

Top Post This last week of 2010 I'm highlighting the top read posts based on searches....more

Arousing Marketing or How long are you going to let your competition race ahead of you?

OK, now that I have your attention, I'd like to show you something else that's really important: ...more

Google Search Is Now Instant. Will It Really Make SEO Irrelevant?

Google Instant. It's new and it's fast. Google announced it yesterday with the headline Search: now faster than the speed of type. Here's how it works. You start typing something in the Google search box. The instant you start typing, Google shows you suggestions for what it thinks you are looking for. The more you type, the closer the suggestions come to what you want. As soon as you see the one you want, you arrow down to it and don't have to type any more. ...more

Now there's a word I could get behind.

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