While the Husband's Away...

"Bye, honey!" My husband is leaving on a vacation. "When will you be back? I need to schedule the dancing boys!"OK. Not really. I mean, I don't really invite male strippers in when my husband is away. But I really do say that.You see, we're totally on board with the idea of separate vacations, and we feel comfortable making jokes about nonexistent indiscretions. Once Dan sent me flowers and signed the card "Raoul," my imaginary lover/pool boy. (Didn't that stir them up at the office!)...more

A Mommy & Me Vacation

Michelle Obama added a trip known as a “Mommy and me” trip to her summer vacation schedule. Sasha, 9, and her mother will travel to Spain. Other families have family vacations with the whole family. Those have a place, but in my experience, the trips a child makes alone with a parent really mean the world. ...more

I think this is definitely true. Both my brother and I (he's 19, I'm 21) have done solo ...more

On Separate Vacations

Going separate ways as a couple is often read as a prelude to separation (which has its own pressures), but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, many experts agree that taking separate vacations as a couple, within certain guidelines, can actually help to enhance the relationship and allow each partner to keep it in perspective. ...more

When I vacation, I want to out and about doing things all day -and into the night. I want a ...more