Breaking up is hard for everyone

I know that every marriage is different. I listen to girl talk. I hear from friends who let their husbands handle all the finances, and those that act as the family accountant. I hear from moms who think their husbands don't spend enough time with the kids and those that are happy with their amount of free time away from the family. I hear from women who joke about murdering their spouses several times a week and those that are careful to never say anything negative about their other half....more


Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

Eleven: The Hallway as Metaphor

I made my son hang out with me.It was an unseasonably warm winter Sunday in January. My daughter had a friend over, and my son was bored. It was foggy, and I decided to walk with my camera on a nearby beach. I told my son he was coming with me. No excuses.He half-heartedly grumbled for a while, but he went. By the time we were walking to the beach, he was just yanking my chain, complaining about having to hang out with me for the sake of entertainment. With great solemnity, he said, "Mom, I'm almost eleven. I'm a tween. I'm separating from you."...more

Divorce A rising problem....

Divorce..... A dissolution of marriage intentionally by  any means whether written or verbally in order to get seperated .In the other words divorce is a legal marriage breakup which may leads to kids separation too from a couple.Divorce is really a very painful process which needs lots of time for adults to settle themselves  as well children needs lots of time  to recover from such extreme step of parents....more

A Surprising Thing That I Will Miss When My Kid Goes to College

We are less than a month away from the day that we leave our older son behind at college and head home to a slightly emptier house.In order to avoid thinking about that for too long, I have been putting my energy into dealing with all of crap that needs to be done before he leaves for school: dorm room shopping, doctor’s appointments, haircut appointments, clothes shopping and, as a last-minute stressor, wisdom teeth extractions....more

I'm in love, but not that kind

Summer crashes in waves around us, cool mornings rising into bone-baking heat, quiet nights shaking into riotous days, weeks of unstructured play and family camping shifting into time-demarked camps and faux school.And I am in love with the season....more

Packing to Find Your Freedom in Divorce? Read This First

Jeana, I am so very sorry that you experienced this.  I feel like barfing.  I can't believe all ...more

A Big Mac and His Guitar

Adam is in the ICU once again.  He is fifty-three years old and over the last thirty-five years he has been hospitalized many times.  The length of stay and frequency of his visits has increased dramatically, though during the these last four months....more

Why being married the second time is better was watching Oprah for the first time in my life, and I realize I'm 20 years late, but I'm not a day time TV kinda girl. Anyway, there was a celebrity wife on this episode who mentioned that the second time she was married to her first husband was so much better than the first. She didn't elaborate, but I already knew what she meant....more

Romeo and Juliet , Antony and Cleopatra, Bruce and Kris...what?

Fortunately, last night, I was watching the “E” news channel and saw that Kris and Bruce Jenner are NOT going down in history with the fore-mentioned love duos. They are separating. YAY! I think back to Bruce Jenner in the ’76 Olympics, and recently on the E show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and shake my head at what he put his face through.He doesn’t strike me as the plastic surgery type. After seeing the series, I figured it was probably his wife Kris that talked him into it, but abuse is abuse, be it physical or verbal. ...more