What Kept Me Sane During my Divorce

When we are going through separation and divorce, that sense of overwhelm, especially in our personal lives, can feel like we’re drowning, with nobody there to throw us a rope or life preserver. These feelings of chaos and panic are usually compounded with the fact that we are not sure what to do, and when to do it. Should-do’s and checklists and well-intentioned advice from multiple sources seem to contradict one another....more

Dear Soon-to-be-X: I Can't Defend You Anymore

Dear Soon-to-be-X:I just wanted you to know that as it appears our decades-long marriage is coming to an end, I will no longer be able to defend your behavior to others.I will do my best to explain it when necessary, especially to the kids, but defend it? No more. I will no longer:...more

Why Counseling Won't Save My Marriage

It only took a few counseling sessions to realize I’d spent most of my adult life married to a narcissist. And that I'd completely lost my perspective along the way....more

Forgiving Addict Husband?

In some other world I would never admit this publicly.I am ashamed, I am anxious, stressed, homeless and terrified of future.Coming from Catholic family and being raised that marriage is for forever, it is a struggle to walk away now.In what moment you say enough? I married recovered alchocolic.  From day one I knew this is a risk I would have to take and I was prepared for it.Few days ago, coming from work I found him drugged with God knows what and unable to function. I made sure he will be ok, I took his keys and walked away....more

My Story Page 10. My Attorney

     It is hard to decide what to do when you are in a state of shock.  That is where I found myself.  Barely able to make it through the day, paralyzed in my new reality.  Sinking deeper into a sadness and depression the likes of which I had never experienced. ...more

Between The Breakup and The Divorce: The Truth About Separation

I was standing in the backyard of my mothers house when I told my husband I didn’t want to be married to him any more. It was a couple of days after I had found about about the affair… and a few minutes after he admitted that he had told the girl he had been seeing that he didn’t love me. This was after he told me what he said was true, that he didn’t love me any more.It was a few minutes after my heart had been smashed into a thousand pieces. ...more
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Be aware if you are a working mother before separation

Hi,  I just wanted to introduce myself.  I am an Australian mother of 2 beautiful children.   I have recently gone through a separation (12 months ago) and am currently going through a divorce. I wanted to start this blog to share my story and hopefully warn other working mothers out there about what could happen with child custody and the court's attitude to working mothers. At separation just over 12 months ago I applied for interim court orders, thinking that being the mother I would automatically receive the majority time of custody for the children....more

Mediation – A Poem

Mediation.Aggravation.Horrendous, frustrating situation.Back and forth around we go,We're not happy.Does it show?Mediators' back upstairs.Shifting, shifting in my chair.Waiting.Waiting ...Wait to hear.Hold breath, she's back, looks worse for wear.My dear lawyer calms me down.My crying eyes; mascara'd clown.Angry, hearty, "No. No. No!"Quieting, listening, onward we go.Copy the paperwork.Soon we will know ... we hope ...Smiling, laughing, thinking some more....more
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