Unhappy Marriage...Time to Renegotiate

Sometimes "happily ever after" becomes a husband who enjoys untold amounts of free time and a wife left to clean up the mess. We can ask politely or we can scream over a week or 8 years, but it doesn't seem to change anything for more than a few days. How did we get here? My Story: No one ever thought I was getting married. I needed too much freedom. I was by all accounts selfish and I had a nasty little habit of stringing guys along. Who knew I'd make a GREAT wife! ...more

That's a continual process for me too! It's not so bad to be a work in process, though.

I ...more

Finding Yourself - Help for Newly Single Women in Mid Life

 If you are newly single in midlife, chances are you are trying to figure out who you are, what you want to keep from your old life and what you want to change.  This is a perfect time to find out who you really are as a single person instead of as part of a couple.  One of the unique things about becoming single in midlife is that you have probably spent a great deal of your life as a couple, with the same person and it is so hard to separate yourself from that person to find out who you would have been without him. ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I don't have the strength to file for divorce

 Dear Dr. Romance,...more

Fly Back to Me

Fly Back to Me The sun is out,Yet it's cold in here.I'm missing you baby,wish you were near. Toys fill your room,pictures hang on the wall.Yet the rooms are so empty,My arms ache for your love. I want to see those eyes shine again,smell your golden hair.I miss your laughter,now memories of you linger in the air. Fly back to me sweet love,spread your angel wings....more

Now I'm the Leader

Now I'm the Leader I've followed you for long enough.I'm done with the pain, it's been too much.I want to breathe again and sing my own song.I don't want to be told that I'm always wrong.My wings have been folded up for way too long.Time to spread them again and fly high above. Now I'm the leader of my own life.I'm on my own, no longer your wife.I'm singing a new song.I'm rising above....more

There Will Be Blue Skies Again

There Will Be Blue Skies AgainOne heart now divided between two places.Now you have two homes, two living spaces.It's not how it was planned.Stand by me, you've got my heart and I'll hold your hand.Sometimes we'll cry together.You for the family of four you have lost.And I'll cry for the vows that were left behind - words that were tossed. Baby there will be blue skies again.It can't be all tears and rain - this is not the end....more

I Can Push Back the Rain

I Can Push Back the RainI don't need you now.I can get along.I can get past all the things that went wrong.Together forever was only a phase.It didn't last long, our love faded away. I can live through the heartache.I can live through the pain.I'm a woman of steel.I can push back the rain.You think you've weakened me, but baby you're wrong.Your hurtful ways have only made strong. ...more

A Happy Home: Tips for Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce

Lessons from Home Everyone is always concerned about the children when the parents decide to end their marriage....more

Choosing Limbo: What Do You Think of Undivorcing?

I wasn't freaked out; only intrigued. I mean, even marriages that end start from a place of love, and it makes sense that a marriage that ends amicably can be sustained with what amounts to a very complicated friendship. Not everyone seeks divorce and the closure it can bring to a union. This woman was free to date other people and pursue her own interests, her children had an easy transition between co-parenting homes, and her ex-husband-yet-still-husband had the aid he needed in order to live. They had a situation they made work. ...more
Jeana You say in each of your four paragraphs that it was a mistake and that it cost you money ...more

Same situation, different interpretations, and an added helping of guilt trips

For the last two months, I have been gently trying to get my ex to agree to changing his access for the (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend...and today, he finally agreed to do it the way I've been suggesting (insert Happy Dance here!). May I repeat though...I have been working on this for TWO MONTHS...and Canadian Thanksgiving isn't for another two months! ...more