Well what an exciting evening I’m having: a committee meeting, half an hour of television and now I’ve just finished sorting socks. Yes, socks – straight out of the washing machine and dryer.  ...more

How The Not so good looking Wife Can Keep Her Man’s Attention On Her

Ladies, I’m gonna share with you a story that contains a powerful concept that you can use to change your life. Now, you can not approve of how I came to learn this concept, but that doesn’t take away a huge difference in what they can do for you Having been in strip bars (some totally nude and partially nude) in big cities like Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and so on, I found my most memorable strip-bar experience while on a trip to Springfield, MO. ...more

Dating After Divorce: Everything is Different Now

I’ve been absolutely petrified at the very idea of moving on, of throwing my hat in the ring. Dating. Wow. I haven’t been touched by another man in many years, save for a guy that stole a kiss from me and almost made me vomit, simply because he wasn’t my husband. ...more

 I married pre HIV/AIDS, divorced after 12 years and had the scary task of negotiating my ...more

Divorce in my Death Valley

Leaving a marriage requires bravery and strength. Running requires stamina and also strength. Not just sinewy muscle strength, but an inner strength to keep moving. The two intertwine themselves in my life lately, as I find myself literally and figuratively running these days. I have always sucked at running. My mother tried several times to drag me out of bed to run at Coggin Park. Nasty little park with enough cracks and bulges in the pavement to trip anyone, much less an awkward pre-teen with two left feet. ...more

Stuck at Work

The word "confluence" is cruising around my brain looking for a good sentence to fit in.  Something about the following: 1.  My 19-month-old son now speaks and is increasingly interesting and gratifying to spend time with. 2.  The holidays are over and I face the prospect of seeing him for about 3 1/2 hours a day, Monday through Friday, week in, week out, with some of that time every day lost to preparing dinner. ...more

Despair or Project Week

Here is goes...whining 101.  Friday started out like any other Friday that I would leave my child at daycare for her father to pick up.  However, I would not see her for 7 days.  Seven days?  I have done it before...summer.  It was "easy"  I had a whole week to work late, not rush to daycare, and just relax with my friends...who had their children.  This 7 days is different.  For the first time in the last 14 years I was to have no children for Christmas.  I would be alone.  I don't use my children to feel the void that their fathers left behind.  My children are my void.. ...more

On the line

Posted on November 30th, 2008 by Jennifer Harvey Thanksgiving night, my kids were talking to my dad on the phone, the obligatory holiday call that doesn’t yet feel obligatory to them. ...more

Peanut Butter And Jelly

We were warriors together from our earliest days, standing together in defense as children against things too terrible to speak of even to those closest to us.    ...more

I'm glad you found her. I'm glad you have the chance to share more birthdays with each other. ...more

Tangled Webs

The other day I set about a long procrastinated task: that of repotting all the plants that reside on my sun porch. I have four hanging spider plants and two more residing in planters. My porch has windows that are floor to ceiling on the south and west sides; three of the plants hang across the South windows and the fourth is centered in the West window. The other two hold court in the southwest corner and on the North wall. None of this really matters other than I am trying to convey the view of them as I experience the site of them. ...more

They've got that cool outline on them.

Good luck with your blog. I've been in ...more

From the Universe

The Universe ...more