On the line

Posted on November 30th, 2008 by Jennifer Harvey Thanksgiving night, my kids were talking to my dad on the phone, the obligatory holiday call that doesn’t yet feel obligatory to them. ...more

Peanut Butter And Jelly

We were warriors together from our earliest days, standing together in defense as children against things too terrible to speak of even to those closest to us.    ...more

I'm glad you found her. I'm glad you have the chance to share more birthdays with each other. ...more

Tangled Webs

The other day I set about a long procrastinated task: that of repotting all the plants that reside on my sun porch. I have four hanging spider plants and two more residing in planters. My porch has windows that are floor to ceiling on the south and west sides; three of the plants hang across the South windows and the fourth is centered in the West window. The other two hold court in the southwest corner and on the North wall. None of this really matters other than I am trying to convey the view of them as I experience the site of them. ...more

They've got that cool outline on them.

Good luck with your blog. I've been in ...more

From the Universe

The Universe ...more

Divorce As a Journey

It has been almost five years since my divorce and I realize that the word divorce does not accurately or adequately describe what this time has really been like. It was not an end, or a moment of it being “over”, it has been a transition. It has not been the end of a marriage, but rather a redefiningof myself and of family…a beginning. ...more

I truly enjoyed your post and it is so true.  I am very happily divorced but have two young ...more

The Mother Ship Arrived and Departed

I know that I didn't give my mother a proper hug when I saw her on Tuesday and yesterday, because if I had, I'd still be hugging her. Tears are welling in my eyes as I think of her.  They began when I said “Fare Well” as they have for the past few years whenever we take leave of each other. ...more

No more marriage or multi-level marketing...

So,I have been compiling this list in my head. My stepmonster used to make merciless fun of me and all of my lists, but whatever. So, my newest list has been "things I suck at..." Lest you think that I suffer from low self-esteem or self-loathing, know that countless hours of therapy have resolved those issues. I think. No, I think that it is kind of refreshing to know that we can suck at something. We don't have to be good at everything. Life is too short- if we don't fail, then maybe we have not been trying hard enough. So I do suck. ...more

dogpaddling through divorce

Trendsetter that I am, I am the first in my entire circle of friends and aquaintances to leave my husband. Uncharted waters that I swim in, and I truly feel like I am looking for a lifeline sometimes. No one knows what to think of me, say to me, do for me, or talk to me about. As I am treading water and splashing about, I can see the "We never knew anything was wrong" conversations coming from a mile away. I can sense the "God will work it out" gentle lectures coming with an almost paranormal accuracy. ...more


You asked where all the women are, who are going through divorce. Well, I'm going ...more

The Gift

V day gift Separated after two decades of marriage... Yet he couldn't help shopping perhaps from habit for a Valentine gift for her. She'd made the effort, holiday truces, white-flag romance, cease-fire sex. There had at least been that. He saw it, there in the jewelry case a bit apart from the other gems, separated. He knew he wasn't easy, knew she'd carried him the extra mile more than once through the mine fields of all the affairs the alcoholism the gambling his ruining of their finances the getting clean and back upon his feet. ...more


Whilst at Primary School, Little Girl regularly came home with a copy of a health letter warning about yet another outbreak of head lice. It was always dressed up nicely, pointing out that these awful creatures revel on nice clean heads but, to stem the ever increasing number of outbreaks, every parent’s help was needed to check their children’s hair and take steps to eradicate the itch-creating monsters if found. ...more