Remembering 9/11

By a bizarre coincidence the night before Sept. 11 2001, my husband and I were talking about what safe, secure lives we led compared to our parents who experienced the depression, World War II and the horror of the holocaust. The very next day that sense of security was shattered. ...more


Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, please stop for a moment and remember what happened in our country eight years ago today. I know it’s tempting simply to proceed with our daily lives. We have not been attacked at home since September 11, 2001, and we are all so busy. And unless you make a point to tune into one of the televised memorial services today, you might make it through the entire day without even realizing that anything is amiss. ...more

Memories of That Morning

by Patricia Yarberry Allen September 11, 2001 ...more

The Sheer Power of Silence

Silence has the power to shake us at the core.  It also has the power to allow us to tap into the deepest and most important pieces of ourselves so we create our life, our business, our careers, our relationships, and our every single precious day in a way that is meaningful.  Eight years ago this Friday, 9/11 created a powerful hush that moved many to make lasting changes in their lives.  For others their proclamation of change fell by the wayside as emotions were forgotten or buried on the way back to status-quo because fear or complacency took the driver's seat. ...more

A form of silence I love is the silence at a sporting event when national anthems are ...more

9/11: Too Easy to Forget and We Can Help Remember

It sounds trite to say that we must never forget September 11, 2001.  It is trite I guess -- the kind of trite that comes when something is so true that there aren't enough ways to say it.  And of course that's what this is - we can't forget 9/11 - not really.  Sadly though we can let it become just another day like Veteran's Day where people sigh, think for a moment and move on. ...more

This is a great topic! I also just heard about the 9/11 Day of Service initiative. It's another ...more

2,991 Days Ago Our Lives Changed Forever

9/11 as a number, when spoken out loud, has become redefined. For most Americans, visually 9-1-1 has always symbolized emergency. After September 11th, 2001, 9/11 represented a day that surpassed emergency. It became a day I wouldn’t forget as it happened in real time. Soon it evolved into my generation’s JFK question: “Where were you on 9/11?” ...more

Seven Years Later: Remembering that Tuesday morning and the online community response

Despite my physical departure from Washington, DC in 2006, I cannot and probably will not ever forget Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Personally, it's just as difficult now as it was marking the first anniversary. ...more

Let there be peace on earth,
and let it begin with me" -Jill Jackson and Sy ...more

Seeds of Peace

September 11 is a difficult day for many Americans. Even if we did not lose a friend or a family member in the attacks six years ago, we shared in the shock and the horror. At times, it seems like the problems of terrorism and war are insoluble and that peace is permanently beyond reach... more ...more

Patriot Day for remembrance, and for hope

I shot these photos in New York City in April. The lone flutist played hymns as visitors strolled the World Trade Center site, gazing at artwork and photographs appended to the fence. The U.S. flag flies at half staff in honor of those who perished on September 11. ...more