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Because we could all use a little extra serenity in our day

What Happens in the Dark?

My daughter and I were playing this morning. We weren't using any electricity other than some lights and of course the heat coming from the pipes on this cold winter's day. We were reading the poem "Thanksgiving Day." (Over the river and through the woods, to Grandfather's house we go...) We weren't engaging as actively with electricity as we sometimes are, such as when we sing and dance with The Wiggles or to Singing In The Rain to pass the hours when it's too cold to venture out....more

Serene Sunday - Happy Hour - A Good Book

Serene Sunday - for me, serenity can be found in a good book.Each Sunday throughout the month of September I will be exploring ways to find serenity in one hour or less. This week, I am finding serenity in reading a good book. ...more

Urban Serenity, revisited

The peace and beauty of this summer morning reminded me of a post I wrote back in May. Add to the soundtrack the hypnotic hum of cicadas and rhythmic chirp of crickets and you have a perfect slice of August life in my home. Urban Serenity Funny, but I never really expected it to be this way, ever, when I first knew I'd be moving here. Quiet, I mean. Serene. A relative oasis of calm in the midst of a tightly-packed, long-established city neighbourhood. ...more
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Serene Sunday - Meditation

Serene Sunday - sometimes a few moments of quiet meditation can bring serenity.Meditation is commonly thought of as continued or extended thought or contemplation. In most of our lives we could do with more thinking, more continued or extended thought. The problem is that we often don't have the time or chose not to find the time to do the thinking that needs to be done....more

Serene Sunday -The Power of Prayer

Serene Sunday - serenity can be found in the power of prayer....more

Serene Sunday - Panic for 5 Minutes then Move

Serene Sunday - when things go wrong, find serenity by panicking for five minutes then get moving.A few years ago, the TV show Lost was a major hit, watched by millions of viewers across the United States and the world.  One scene from that television show had a profound and lasting impact on me. The young doctor who would become a hero on the show told a story about his first surgery when he was scared and panicked. He said he gave himself five seconds to panic, to be afraid and then he forced himself to get up and get back to work....more

Serene Sunday Finding a Peaceful Place

Serene Sunday - there is nothing in the world like a safe quiet place to enjoy your own company....more