Sestina for the Open-Minded

Something’s not right. She feels it, this woman. At first it’s a whisper, “Live the life you’re meant to.” But that means risk. At first there’s turmoil, but it’s a start, giving her permission to seek. Eventually she notices them when they appear – the signs Showing what might be her path. And she knows they’re right. ...more
This is really beautiful. Congrats Robin! So excited for you !!!more

Sestina: In the ICU

My father had just died. The nursereleased him from the wires that had trackedhis waning vital signs. We didn't cryat first; we hadn't as we watchedhis numbers dropping on the screen. Dad lookedserene, asleep, almost alive, although the stroke had left him half alive,immobile in bed for two months.  The nursesaid we could take our time....more

NaBloPoMo Poetry Contest: Sestinas

In honour of NaBloPoMo's April theme -- POEM -- as well as National Poetry Month, we're going to look at four types of fixed form poems. Fixed form poetry is meant to free the mind by providing a structure much in the same way a house frees the person who lives inside to focus on things other than the elements outside. The first form we're going to look at is the collapsing sestina. ...more
 @twinmomma You are correct -- she played with the form and used two in the first line of the ...more

the Kandern War Memorial (a sestina)

a memorial to war, this monument holds all the grief of those now silent unable to remember this grey green tower guards the beauty of insignificant lives. their memory lives in the names etched on this monument in the wreaths left to guard against forgetfulness, a grief worse than to remember all these silent why are you silent are there too many lives here to remember too many similar monuments all pointing to the same grief all statues in the same guard ...more