Meet Michelle Welsch, Woman of the Week.

 You play it over and over in your mind long after it’s over. You want to savor it because it challenges how you think about yourself in the world in a way you hadn’t before thought possible....more
redheadlefthand "leap & a net will appear" nice! And thx for all the #nepal updates. Lk forwardmore

Godin’s Dismal Decree on Publishing: The Good News

Seth Godin is at it again, making a big splash across the Internet. And this time it’s about artists’ right to expect pay for their work, particularly writers.In an interview with Digital Book World, Godin said,“Who said you have a right to cash money from writing? … Poets don’t get paid (often), but there’s no poetry shortage.”...more
@sassymonkey You’re right—this kind of arrangement certainly would not be for all readers, and ...more

Dancing Elves Sites-Turn Off or Turn On?

I call them "Dancing Elves" sites. You've seen them ......more

The Economy and Community of Free

Is there a value to giving away some of your knowledge for free? That has been an active discussion on the Make And Meaning blog since late December, when Paul Overton -- who blogs as DudeCraft -- wrote Free -- A Case Study. Are there benefits for creatives in giving away a pattern, a technique, a design, or a concept? A benefit that in the long run will be far more beneficial to the community and the individual than holding these ideas back until an opportunity arises to make money from then? ...more



I think the Free of marketing is different.  While it's more ...more

The Skinny on the Dip

...the Dip, which focuses primarily on motivation, aims to instill in readers the constant reminder to remember you’re in “the Dip” when you find yourself struggling through the proverbial darkness before the dawn that we all face when we are striving to master something or achieve a particular goal.  You know the wisdom tidbit that says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”?  The Dip falls somewhere between your second and 999th step, but you’ll likely feel it most when you encounter difficult obstacles or unpredictable situations that seem designed ...more

Download The Word of Mouth Manual, Volume II by Dave Balter

Here's a book for every marketer, The Word of Mouth Manual, Volume II. And if you don't like the book, you can at least learn from the book promotion. ...more