Create Strong Boundaries for Better Emotional Health

Do you feel uncomfortable when your boundaries are challenged? Although the word "boundaries" can conjure up negative connotations, boundaries can also be beneficial. Boundaries and limitations are healthy and necessary when you're feeling burned out, ignored, useless, and can't seem get to the bottom of your own feelings. It's easy for us to set healthy limitations for our children, nieces, nephews, and even our pets. ...more
Thank you so much for this candid and thoughtful read.  Somewhere in my early existence, I ...more

You Don't Owe Anyone An Interaction

Have you ever beat yourself up over not responding to every message you received in a day? Me too. I know how it goes. On one hand, you're tired and overwhelmed. But on the other hand, there are emails! Texts! Calls! All demanding a response!...more
I get this advice a lot when I receive messages on social media from men -- unless they're ...more

Grandparent Boundaries: Where to Draw the Line

What would you do if your mother gave your child pain medicine without your permission?This happened to me the other day, and I am still in shock.My daughter had gotten her braces tightened, so her teeth were a bit sore. I usually give her a dose of Children's Adviland she's fine, but I didn't have a chance to give it to her before she left for school in the morning....more

No, you do not get to speak to me that way

It's Sunday night which typically means it's diet planning time.  Shame from the eating of the week end, or week, and summoning new resolve to eat perfectly on Monday.  Does anyone ever start a diet plan on a day other than Monday?  So Sunday nights are full of plans for harder workouts, less food and an increase in willpower never before seen.  As I was thinking about how tomorrow I would suffer my way to an ideal body I started thinking about cruel comments that have been made to me over the years.  Specific comments about my body and how I allowed these p...more

Dr. Romance on Setting Boundaries and Saying No

Dr. Romance writes:...more

Are You Trading Flex Time for Face Time Out of Fear?

Are you selling yourself short because you're so afraid to lose your job that you're sacrificing your benefits and yourself for the illusion of security? If so, you're not alone, because many workers are trading their very own well-being for something that is unobtainable -- security and guarantees; unobtainable, at least if you're looking outside yourself to find it. ...more