Practising self-compassion

I saw the light this morning in bed. Actually, I didn’t see the light,not literally, because the curtains were still closed, but you know what I mean. I was having a lazy Saturday morning lying in bed, reading blogs and books and articles on my iPad, with a nice cup of tea delivered by my husband. (Some of the joys of not having kids!) Two things came together for me. The first was a paragraph written by Brené Brown. You probably know I love her work on shame, as I think it relates very accurately to the experience of infertility....more

Reason and Chaos

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How To Say No (Without Feeling Guilty)

Warning! We are about to enter the high stress zone - the holidays. And there is no detour - we just have to power on through....more
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Do You Say Yes When You Should Say No?

Watching someone rub a balloon on their head and stick it on the wall fills me with panic. It’s an irrational fear that stems back to childhood when I watched one of those giant punching balloons explode on my babysitter’s face as she tried to blow it up. Something about the gunshot sound and the older girl you adore exploding into tears scars you for life. ...more
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