Seven Days Without Coffee: Complete!!

Yah!!  I did it!  I went seven whole entire days without coffee!  (I know!!  I'm still amazed I didn't cave too!)  What better way to celebrate than.... with a hot steaming cup of coffee, of course!!  I invite you all to share a cup along with me.  I am having a nice dark roast with plenty of half & half, a little sweetener, and a dash of pumpkin syrup.  ...more
 @carolinabeckey I can't have coffee in the evenings, it really does affect me. So I usually ...more

Seven Days Without Coffee: Makes One Weak

Day Seven has finally arrived! Seven days without coffee is almost complete!...more

Seven Days Without Coffee: Gets Some Help

Over the weekend the male offspring was congested and miserable.  I thought it was allergies....more
Hahahahaha!  That's what the nyquil was for.  ;0)more

Seven Days Without Coffee: Gets Ugly

I am a little on edge.  A tad testy.  Easily annoyed.  A tiny bit moody.  A wee temperamental.  I am also reaching an all time excellence in understatements.Day five.  I think I am bordering on evil.  As in a "wicked witch of the west" level.  Anything might set my blood boiling.  Someone mentioning the chocolate bundt cake I promised to bake for dessert and had not yet started.  The dirty dishes in the sink.  The dog loudly licking of his personal areas.  Like I said......more

Seven Days Without Coffee: Coffee Dreaming

Day Four had me missing coffee. Thinking of coffee....more

Seven Days Without Coffee: Dazed and Confused

Day Three.  And my brain is just not functioning like it should. (stop snickering!  This is potentially serious stuff here!)  ...more

Seven Days Without Coffee: Is Ironic

I had to chuckle at the irony.  Day Two of the "Seven Days Without Coffee" challenge began with me sipping tea out of a cup clearly labelled to be used for coffee. ...more
Hi there, Becky, I after two months off from BlogHer, I am back...I am here! Now I am heading ...more

Seven Days Without Coffee: Is Off To A Rough Start

In case you were wondering, lack of coffee has not killed me (yet)....more

Seven Days Without Coffee: The Challenge

After viewing The Belle of the Carnival's video blog about her week without coffee, the question kept running through my mind: Could you go a week without coffee?Now, of course my first response was:  Nope... No... No way......more