Reflections on blogging

It's my week on  the site and it has been a lot of fun.  I have enjoyed the chance to network in something other than real estate.  In researching sites I am continually amazed at how many talented people are on the internet.  It also is a motivation to use my own talent more often.  It is hard to just pick one item each day.  My goal is to showcase different aspects of sewing.  It's hard when I am thinking baby everything most days.  One feature that had me excited was the mobile tutorial from Sew Mama Sew.  ...more

[ReDeemed] Tablescape Thursday #1

I admit.  I've been lurking in the shadows.  I've been admiring your tables from afar.  I've been sad that I could not pull up a chair and join you. ...more

Make Over Monday – Fashion Addition

It's the fashion addition of Make Over Monday as I've been collecting some really fun tutorials created to make us look fabulous.  I hope you'll be inspired to spice up your wardrobe! ...more

What a feeling!

Can you believe it?...more

Warm Winter Wearables to Craft

A cold-front has enveloped most of North America this past week, and many folk are thinking they don't have nearly enough clothes to stay warm. Crafters, however, know it may only take a few hours to make that one piece that help. Let's look at some of the options: ...more

I love the idea of the Fear of Commitment cowl!  I'm so tired of putting on my scarf and ...more

Snow Day Crafts: Bling Your Wardrobe

While many crafters are focusing on holiday decorations and finishing up a gift or seven in the next two weeks, there are things happening in the crafty blogs that have nothing to do with holidays.  Check these blogs for a refreshing respite from the holiday madness. ...more

Cozy Bed Warmers

A cozy bed warmer is one of my favorite things.  Put them in the microwave for a few minutes and they work wonders for cold feet, aches and pains, or plain old stress relief.  Bed warmers also make a wonderful gift.  They are easy to make, inexpensive, and both pampering and useful....more

I loved the way it smelled when it was heating up. I made some for other people too, and ...more

How to Make A Flower Pin Out of Fabric

A few weeks ago, I decided to wander through Dear Lizzie, a small boutique near my home, to look for Handmade Christmas gift ideas. Right as I walked in the door, I spotted the perfect project.  It was a darling fabric flower pin, and I knew it would be easy to make at home.  It’s a perfect gift for a friend, mother, sister, or even a teacher.  The flowers at Dear Lizzie sold for about $15 dollars, but it cost me less than a dollar to make these.  And it was a quick project that took me less than half an hour. Here’s what you need for the project:...more

The Small Purse Project: An Internet Lesson in Compassion

While walking her dog, BlogHer member Kelly Wickham (MochaMomma) passes a neighborhood church that lately has an interesting sign in front: So you Don't Want or Need to go to Church? Where do you Learn About Compassion? On the Internet? For Wickham-like many of us- the experience has been an overwhelming "Hellz Yes!"  ...more

Ladies, I continue to be inspired by the response to this project. And yes! Sassymonkey sent ...more

This Week in Crafts: Fashion Shows, Swaps, and Making It Work

I'm home from spending 24 hours at Pacific International Quilt Festival.  This west-coast weekend is a blend of hundreds of vendors, hundreds of quilts and a fascinating mix of wearable fashions.  I was there to work the Fashion Show -a Friday night tradition which is organized by wearable quilter Karen Boutte. ...more


That looks like a fun craft event!  Some interesting vendors.  I ...more