I bought a sewing machine, now what?

Mrs. HAs an Army Spouse I've learned to fend for myself.  Wait...wrong...I don't fend for myself out my choosing but rather out of my stubborness.  Hmph, okay, now that we have that little bit of information cleared up let's continue.  So, I fend for myself.  I can change a car tire, bandage a scratch, take out the garbage, knit a very nice dish cloth, practice lacrosse and even paint  toe nails.  I don't sew.  More accurately, I cannot sew!  The thought of a needle pulsating up and down so close to my fingers is disturbing....more
@Reda Thanks so much for the encouragement! I did manage to make curtains for the half ...more

Crafting a Life: Fun Crafty Round Up

I've fallen for the fun this month, discovering and falling in love with fun projects and ideas showing up in the blogsphere.  ...more

1. What brand and model sewing machine do you have?
I own a Pfaff 7550

2. How long have ...more

Stitching It Together: Sewing Machines, Old and New

I was going to write about sewing today. That was my plan. I've spent the weekend sewing on a purse I've been designing - ripping and redo-ing as each little problem with my no-pattern-all-in-my-head piece became apparent. It seemed logical to simply search for fellow bloggers doing the same thing. Right? Right? And it's not that folks aren't sewing and blogging about it. ...more

One of my favorite pastimes is scouring Craigslist for used sewing machines. Sometimes some ...more