Are monkeys more sexually evolved than we are?

Listener Question:  Tell me, why does dropping one’s drawers have to be the line of demarcation? Is that really the point of no return? If so, then why do you consider it as such? My studies of aboriginal Polynesian societies have led me to delve into customs of touching in other nearly nude societies, including those of primates, with whom we share 98% of our DNA. These societies have no drawers to drop, yet raised peaceful, sexually wise kids.Maryanne Answer: Good question: what about dropping one’s drawers creates such a hard line?...more

Sexy Cucumber Ad Upsets Parents

Some residents in Dallas say a billboard showing a flying cucumber with and the message, “Stop Vegetable Abuse,” is too much for their tastes....more

50-something seeking lasting relationship

Q~ I’m a fifty-something, single, looking to get back out in the dating world. I am not thrilled with the idea of online dating but realize when it comes to the law of attraction, I need to get the ball rolling. The problem is, I am not feeling as marketable as I was in my thirties and forties, never mind my hormones are raging like a teenager—except now, instead of blooming, it seems I am about to lose my blossom. Any suggestions on how to attract a great mate?...more

Top Five Tuesday - Olympic Porns!

As much as we love Canada, we're rooting for the good old US of A during the 2010 Winter Olympics and what better way to show our support than with a Top Five Tuesday ode to our athletes! ...more

Valentine's without a Valentine?

 A reporter asked me to help him with his column the other day, and his first question was: “Valentine’s Day is coming up. But where can you meet someone if you’re single?” ...more

Let's Talk About Sex, Mommy

Physical changes. Exhaustion. Fights. Late nights. Early mornings. Weight gain. Money worries. Busy schedules. Sounds sexy, doesn't it? You'd think once you get partnered up with someone, the sex would be easy, accessible and free-flowing. Or at least not a chore. So why are so many mommies lacking in libido? The explanation may have nothing to do with you or your physical make-up and everything to do with your schedule. Put down the K-Y and let's discuss. ...more

Rita, I swear, I was supposted to find you today!  I see that you wrote this on ...more

Pro-life versus Pro-dad

By Maryanne Comaroto Let me start by saying that this is not a blog - it's a rant.  I hope I can have your attention anyway, and I know that many of you will be able to relate to this.  As someone who has been a single mother for more than a decade, this is an issue that is very important to me, so you'll forgive me if I use some strong language. ...more

Modern Wife Goes Retro: Learning Sex the 1960s Housewife Way

So my next step in the housewife experiment is to jump ahead to the very last chapter in Fascinating Womanhood on, you guessed it, sex. ...more

Shaving Strike

WARNING: This post contains graphic material so prepare yourselfDuring the end of November and all through the month of December I went on strike when it came to shaving. It was the season of jeans and boots and I had no business wasting time during my morning routine when the only person touching my legs was the Vietnamese lady at my favorite nail shop. Sure I shaved my arm pits (now that would just be plain disgusting) but the rest of my body provided a shout out to the 70s....more