Sex. Three little letters that can make you feel such a range of emotions all at the same time. If you are in a committed relationship, sex is a safe happy and hopefully awe-inspiring word. But what if your lover is, well, just your lover or a friend? And you want more? Is sex with them happy, sad, a little resentful? If it's the last one, then we might want to add another three letters to the word. Sexemy. Friend, Enemy = Frenemy. You get the idea....more

Can Rap Music Heat-Up Your Bedroom?

Riding in my car is probably the only consistent me-time that I get.  With 3 kids,  my ride time is my opportunity to take a breather and also gives me time to act out something like a fantasy.  My husband brought a new car last year, and lately he's been letting me drive what we refer to as the "Mach 5" because our 2010 Nissan Altima drives smooth, has the best sub-woofers I've ever heard and makes me feel like a million bucks....more

Big Sigh! 31st July is National Orgasm Day!

According to the World Health Organisation, more than 100 million acts of sexual intercourse take place every day. That's a huge amount of pleasure and activity! Given this figure doesn't include masturbation or hand jobs and oral sex which don't involve intercourse, the true figure might be more than double and then some... If only we could harness all that energy!But how many of those acts will end with the Big O?...more

The Myth of Virginal Bleeding

Female Virginity & Marriage In cultures where female virginity is critical prior to marriage, a great deal of pressure is placed on the couple’s wedding night....more

How To Keep A Husband Happy


Teenage Sex


My Doctor Judged Me for Wanting to Have Sex, for Not Being a "Selfless Mother"

Most women (parents or not) are probably familiar with the image of the selfless mother. You might, in fact, be so familiar with it that you don't even think about a mother without automatically assuming how selfless she is. After all, the American ideal seems to scream that we women should think of nothing but our children once they are born. And I will try (and fail, right here, right now) not to mention the fact that motherhood is basically still a given in our society and those who decide they don't want children are still seen as oddballs. ...more
Hey lady, you are awesome, and as a devoted mother myself to an amazing 19 month old little ...more

Embracing Vulnerability Made Us Stronger

Jed has texted, called, emailed and smoke-signaled hundreds of middle-aged men over the past week with this simple message:"If you want to get lucky in the bedroom, have heart surgery. Trust me on this one."Which is why every middle-aged man in Minnesota has been giving me this strange, knowing look all week. They point to me in the grocery store, whisper about me at the coffee shop, and give me a sly wave as I drive by in my minivan. I am now an urban legend....more
Wow. I was just thinking along the lines of this today. After being married for over 20 years, I ...more

How To Quickly Tell Your New Boo Isn’t The One For You by Jaha Knight

 In your quest for a new boo, you may or may not have overlooked the signs.  He had other redeeming qualities that made you think, this may be able to work.  Or you saw them right away and couldn’t wait to run.  Either way this is how to quickly tell that the new boo is not the one for you....more