As I Got Naked, I Could See that He Was Not Impressed

Undressing in front of someone for the first time is a vulnerable moment, indeed it can be rather scary. Especially with stretch marks and not quite so perky boobs after a couple of pregnancies, and add to that bit of extra weight gathered over the last decade.I know my husband is attracted to me, he calls my stretch marks “tiger stripes” which sounds cool and positive, although to be honest I would much rather do without them. As comfortable as I have become with my post-pregnancy body, deep down I miss my old body.  ...more


 Lately, every time I turn on my laptop, or any entertainment station on the TV, I see the same thing. The media, tearing apart 50 Shades of Grey — and all of the fans....more

My Sexless Marriage Was a Hot Topic on Huffington Post

I had no idea my sexless marriage would be such a hot topic nor did I realize I would be crucified for it. In 2011, I published a personal article on my little blog titled "Sexual Neglect." The reason I wrote it was not to call out my ex but to bring to light a topic that rarely gets discussed. ...more
When trolls start surfacing, that means you've arrived!  ;-)  Write from the heart, write with ...more


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An epic blowjob

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Be naughty: know how to please your man

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sex questions we often ask:give me your answers!

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Turn Your Good Sex Into AMAZING Sex

Face it; we all get jealous while watching those sex scenes on TV or in the movies saying to ourselves, "Damn, why can't that be me?" Well, it can be. You just don't know the secrets to great sex. Here are ways that can make a fantasy a reality.It's a fact that for a good sex life we must know what turns us on, where the perfect spot is, and we remember that everyone has different libidos. Masturbation is the key to finding this all out. Doctor's orders. ...more

Workin' for a Lovin'

From the Twitterverse @MartinQuinn66 asks:...more