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An epic blowjob

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Be naughty: know how to please your man

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sex questions we often ask:give me your answers!

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Turn Your Good Sex Into AMAZING Sex

Face it; we all get jealous while watching those sex scenes on TV or in the movies saying to ourselves, "Damn, why can't that be me?" Well, it can be. You just don't know the secrets to great sex. Here are ways that can make a fantasy a reality.It's a fact that for a good sex life we must know what turns us on, where the perfect spot is, and we remember that everyone has different libidos. Masturbation is the key to finding this all out. Doctor's orders. ...more

Workin' for a Lovin'

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Sex. Three little letters that can make you feel such a range of emotions all at the same time. If you are in a committed relationship, sex is a safe happy and hopefully awe-inspiring word. But what if your lover is, well, just your lover or a friend? And you want more? Is sex with them happy, sad, a little resentful? If it's the last one, then we might want to add another three letters to the word. Sexemy. Friend, Enemy = Frenemy. You get the idea....more

Can Rap Music Heat-Up Your Bedroom?

Riding in my car is probably the only consistent me-time that I get.  With 3 kids,  my ride time is my opportunity to take a breather and also gives me time to act out something like a fantasy.  My husband brought a new car last year, and lately he's been letting me drive what we refer to as the "Mach 5" because our 2010 Nissan Altima drives smooth, has the best sub-woofers I've ever heard and makes me feel like a million bucks....more

Big Sigh! 31st July is National Orgasm Day!

According to the World Health Organisation, more than 100 million acts of sexual intercourse take place every day. That's a huge amount of pleasure and activity! Given this figure doesn't include masturbation or hand jobs and oral sex which don't involve intercourse, the true figure might be more than double and then some... If only we could harness all that energy!But how many of those acts will end with the Big O?...more