The "Psychotic Bitch" Episode

I use the term “episode” lightly as it suggests that giving people the impression I’m a psychotic bitch was just a brief phase.My insecurities mean that to feel good I need someone else’s approval. This has led me to do slightly questionable shit that gives people the impression I’m a psycho, bitch, slut.*Being pinned a psycho and a slut does not sit well with me.Slut: [sluht] ...more

It's All Fun and Games until Someone Breaks Their Dick

I tried to be cool. So very cool. Most of the time it might look like I’m breezy and having the time of my life but inside I’m just thinking, “where is he?”. Slightly irritating when your sole purpose of being here is finding yourself and all you’re actually doing is trying to find the random boy who doesn’t know you, your life, or your surname.I actually had to force myself to have some great nights out after the stalking saga. Just bouncing around with the girls and not giving a shit about whether or not I would find the D....more

Running From Bad to Worse

Ok so a bit of background is needed…A few months a go I decided to run away from real life problems, a stressful job and a slight cocaine habit. I left my friends, family and my outstandingly patient ex boyfriend in England and took the painfully long flight to New Zealand.My plan was to arrive here, hike all day, become one with nature and fall in love with myself.That hasn’t happened....more

Is It Really Possible To Be 'Friends With Benefits'?

Have you ever thought of having a casual, no-strings-attached relationship…?So depending on where you lay your head at night, the temperature is about to drop, and the nights are about to get a bit brisk. Throw an empty side of the bed into the mix and that could spell out for a pretty cold and lonely winter. Unless you want to dabble in an arrangement of "friends with benefits"....more
JohnSmalter Thanks for taking the time to read it.. :-)more

National Orgasm Day: Come One, Come All!

It's time to celebrate!!July 31 is National Orgasm Day!!Maybe.For several years now, there has been a bit of mostly online-based lore about celebrating orgasms on July 31. There was a website about it at some point, I'm sure, and we know that is all it takes these days to make a holiday real, right? The success of "Steak And Blowjob Day" is credited to the perpetuation of lore via online memes and yes, an official website. Let's just roll with it. ...more
Top notch article. Big thumbs up on the advise for some self-exploration!more

Dating 101: How Long Should You Wait To Have Sex?

A Time Out Survey set out to answer the tough questions of dating. They asked their readers, “after how many dates is it appropriate to have sex?” and the answer may surprise you.1 in 10 people consider sex a reasonable request at the end of a first date, but the worldwide average answer was 3.53 dates. That means somewhere between the end of your third date and the beginning of your fourth, sex is appropriate....more
SicilianQueen84 is it weird that i find that impressive?  I think the hookup culture is ...more

She's a Good Girl...

"I'm kind of a good girl - and I'm not. I'm a good girl because I really believe in love, integrity, and respect. I'm a bad girl because I like to tease. I know that I have sex appeal in my deck of cards. But I like to get people thinking. That's what the stories in my music do."...more

Dogs & Their Tricks

I can understand being moderately upset by someone else’s actions but when you look at the history of your relationship, you really shouldn’t be surprised.  Sometimes people have less concern for how their decisions will affect other people...I suppose those are the people you should avoid.[all this over a missed opportunity for an afternoon of crazy sex though if I’m being honest, I’m certain he just wouldn’t be able to come through on the promise of lasting an entire afternoon]...more

Ending the mundane affair

Literature, film, tango, sex, love, romance, friendship, swimming and dogs; things worth living for.Love, romance, sex and breakups; things worth writing about....more