How TV Sex set us up to Fail in Bed

I just discovered Scandal on Netflix.Yes. I know. I’m coming (pun intended) to the Oliva Pope/President Fitzgerald party waaaaaay late. But I’ve come to the party with a vengeance. I’ve managed to watch all 40+ episodes that have aired to date in the last six weeks.I forgot to brush and floss, make kids’ lunches, take my meds, shave my legs, kiss my husband, let alone hob his knob (I know, that’s not a saying, but it should be). I have basically been useless....more


Be safe and follow the confidential rules until you are sure you are not talking to a creep. I ...more

The Lies We Tell Our Children

We tell our kids all the time that it's wrong to lie, but we totally do it, especially to them....more

Confessions of Childhood: My Barbie Was a Floozy

Saturday mornings were strictly reserved for three things at my house when I was growing up. Cereal. Cartoons. And Barbies. In that order. After stuffing our bellies with Rice Krispies and catching up with the “Muppet Babies“ and “The Snorks,” my sister and I would retreat to our room for hours of play with America’s beloved doll....more

4 Fantastic Foreplay Tips | Vevetrois

With the coming of a new month it's time to explore another avenue of sex. Since my birthday is this month, we are going to talk about one of my favorite parts about sex: foreplay. Sex without foreplay is like peanut butter with no jelly. I mean, it may get the job done but your going to enjoy it a lot less....more

The Introduction

i never thought i would be doing this but it seems to be a good way to sort out all the bizarre thoughts i have had going through my mind over the last year.  i just turned 50 so i am sure that has something to do with it - and perhaps some hormones too.  i will tell you a few things about me first....more
wow i actually got a comment or two - i really appreciate them - it is always nice to know that ...more

Is Sex on the First Date Really as Bad as You Think?

Let’s be honest. In today’s day and age, sex after marriage is obsolete for a lot of couples. But how long are you supposed to wait to have sex in a new relationship? It’s a question that has always plagued singles, and sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships aren’t any simpler....more

National Orgasm Day: Come One, Come All!

It's time to celebrate!! July 31 is National Orgasm Day!!Maybe.For several years now, there has been a bit of mostly online-based lore about celebrating orgasms on July 31. There was a website about it at some point, I'm sure, and we know that is all it takes these days to make a holiday real, right? The success of "Steak And Blowjob Day" is credited to the perpetuation of lore via online memes and yes, an official website. Let's just roll with it. ...more
This is the best Holiday Ever! Why haven't I ever heard about this? Thank you for sharing.more

The Vagina Shirt: Appropriate School Attire?

I have a confession to make. One night, while driven to distraction with insomnia, I logged onto my Facebook account with a little mission in mind. My daughter has been hanging around with some friends I don't know very well and I was curious about what their profiles might tell me.  I sat on my bed in the dark with only the light of my MacBook Air to illuminate the room and clicked on my daughter's profile picture.  My genius plan to lurk around her page and do some reconnaissance  began. A word to the wise: lurking your teen's Facebook page does not cure insomnia. ...more