Top 25 Most Popular SexIs Magazine Articles in September

As an editor, I am pretty much always wanting to know what people are reading and what they want to read. At SexIs, we collect information from a variety of sources to figure out what was interesting and what just didn't connect with our readers and we use it to refine what we publish. Hopefully the end result is more interesting to our readers. Recently someone on staff suggested it might actually be interesting to our readers to know just what other people, like them, were intersted in and to have a reminder of what we'd published over the previous month — in case they missed something. So, we started a digest of the most popular articles we published and I am posting it here — so check out what we've been up to!...more

Cat and mouse

Love it when you send me questions! Here’s a recent one.   Hello there, I hope you can help me,  ...more

What's going on over at Sexis Magazine - September 3rd Edition

Whether you are hitting the road for the holiday weekend or spending a quiet long weekend at home, you are gonna need stuff to read, right? Never fear, SexIs Round-Up is here! (Ok, I promise never to do that again as long as you check out the great week we had)...more

What's going on over at Sexis Magazine - August 23th Edition

Not ready to start your week off quite yet? Looking for a little distraction from working on your Monday morning to-do list? I’ve got the perfect thing to keep you entertained—The Sexis Round-Up! It’s a collection of everything that happened last week on SexIs Magazine so you can catch anything you might have missed!...more

Sex Guidance Nobody Else Will Show You

 Not anyone Else Could Provide You After you got the Birds and the Bees lecture from Mother and Dad, it in all probability focused on 2  purposes: the best way to avoid unintentionally making a child and methods to escape being plagued with a disease that has no cure.That is in all probability even true for any sex instruction you might have received in school....more

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Hot and Handy: Giving The Perfect Penis Handjob

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