Would you give a "work spouse" a Valentine?

Since I barely have enough time in a day to talk to my "real spouse," I can't imagine having enough time for a deep friendship with a "work spouse." And when in the day would I ever carve out enough time to buy a work spouse a Valentine?...more

What Do You Want In A Relationship?

“I've been thinking about your relationships,” my friend Mia told me during one of our regular morning coffee breaks. “I have the perfect solution.” We were sitting on a patch of grass, taking in the sun, sipping on our coffees and smoking. I looked up at her from under the brim of my oversized hat. “You've been thinking about my relationships?” I asked her, a little surprised. “Yes,” she responded. “I think what you need is to date someone in New York.” “What?” ...more

I think that a distinction should be made here regarding what we want in a ...more

Excerpt From Bitch Magazine-2

Solid Gold Dancer ...more

Phew! I'm not the only woman who hated sex while married.

An article called Married Women Hate Sex caught my attention this morning as I browsed around on momlogic.  Of the 2,500 married women who particpated in this poll, 50% said they found sex either depressing, embarassing or a hassle.  Moreover, 29% said they were just too tired, 26% said they would rather read a book, and 23% had sex only because they wanted their husbands to be happy. ...more
itstrue I totally agree with your last line.  When someone changes in a relationship and doesn't ...more

Women Hit Their Sexual Peek at Thirty: True or False?

When I hit thirty, I kept waiting for 'it' to happen: the big sexual PEEK.  My girlfriends and I had all read 'research' around this sexual milestone and had greatly anticipated its arrival. But instead I got pregnant at 30, and the only thing that peeked was my disinterest in sex.  All throughout my pregnancy I kept hoping my sex drive would go into overdrive (I'd read about those women too).  But no; nothing. ...more

If he's going from passionate to friendly

Here’s my take on a scenario a lot of my readsers seem to be struggling with : He wants to be a friend, but when you see him and have sex with him it’s amazing, and so you can’t understand why he’s merely “friendly” when he leaves. Here’s the answer: Men are different from women. He can have a knock-out, deeply emotional sexual experience with you - sex that “blows-his-mind,” in a way you can FEEL. A way that feels just like the deep emotional experience YOU’RE having. But it’s NOT the same as what you’re feeling. ...more

great post.  I agree with most of what you are saying (especially the differences in the ways ...more

Monogamy = No Condoms?

OK people, I have to get something off my chest here. My husband and I were watching an episode of Private Practice last week, and we concluded the show with our jaws on the floor. (For those of you who aren't familiar with the show, it's a spin-off of Grey's Anatomy, starring Kate Walsh as Dr. Addison Montgomery. When Addison left Seattle Grace, she moved to Los Angeles to meet up with ...more

That's what I was saying, but I asked one of my friends, and she said that she thought what ...more

Sex positions

Knowing about sex positions is a widely popular subject and it interests all of us because it relates to one of the most basic and primordial instincts of humanity that is sex. There are so many questions related to positions that comes in our mind and which we would like to get clarified. Let’s see some examples of the most common questions on sex related positions. ...more

Pure Gold

By DENENE MILLNER, editor-in-chief of www.mybrownbaby.blogspot.com ...more

A Whole Other Kettle Of Relationship Fish

A month or so ago, I published an article on WomenBloom on polyamory. For those of you as in the dark as I was about this concept, it is basically having intimate or ‘romantic’relationships that are open, with the full consent of all concerned, to other sexually intimate relationships. ...more

i have a friend who is ust beginning to explore poly.  i ...more