Hover Over Post

We all do this to some degree. We take a picture or two then hmm and ha about whether to post to our profile or send to someone. That is hard enough, but what about us bloggers? What we post is available for the whole world to see should they be so inclined. ...more

Online Reputation Management for Sex Bloggers

I chose to live a transparent life, to come "out" as a sex blogger because I believe being out is a safer place to be than being in the closet. Make no mistake, I'm no altruist; I do what I do because doing it makes my situation better than not doing it. The reason I am so strongly supportive of other people choosing to live an open life is solely because coming out of the closet is a vaccine against blackmail, emotional abuse, and shame. ...more
I am already totally bumming on this front.  At one point at least, due to a perfect storm of ...more

Does Gender Determine How Good Your Erotica Is?

One day a girl in love said to the man she loved: “I could write the kind of stories you like...” “Do you really think so?” he answered. The girl speaking was Anne Desclos, better known in French literary circles as the journalist and critic Dominique Aury, and the man was Jean Paulhan, director of the literary publication Nouvelle Revue Française. Paulhan didn't believe a woman could write erotica the way men wrote it. ...more

"So, I would assume that with the proper amount of exposure to men and receiving honest ...more