Court in Costco Discrimination Case to Employers: Don't Fight Discrimination

Plaintiffs suing Costco for sex discrimination face another round of litigation thanks to the Supreme Court's recent dismissal of the Wal-Mart sex discrimination case. Because of the Supreme Court's decision, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Friday that the Costco trial court must reconsider whether the plaintiffs can prove that the company should be liable for sex discrimination in store-level promotions. ...more

What's With The Goldman Sachs Sex Discrimination Case?

Okay, I admit it: All I know is what I read in the papers. And I never worked on Wall Street, just in BigLaw.But what's with the latest Wall Street sex discrimination lawsuit?...more

We're #1 (Plus 30) in Closing the Gender Gap! Go U.S.!

For the past four years, the World Economic Forum has studied the gender gap - that is, the amount of resources dedicated to boys and girls and women's opportunities to fully participate in society - in over 100 countries, then ranked them. (In 2009, the Index included data from 134 nations. At least 12 of 14 indicators used for the Index must be available in order for a country to be included.) The goal, according to the 2009 Global Gender Gap Report, is: ...more

Hi Suzanne - Thanks for including us in this.  Glad to see people discussing the topic ...more

Pay Equity is a Long Term Issue

I've been reading some sour grapes on anti-feminist blogs, complaining that media outlets are not covering the real economic news, which is that the unemployment rate for men is 7.2%, while it is only 6% for women. Of course, these people rant about how it is easier to fire men than women without fear of a lawsuit and blah blah blah; let's take a moment to weep for the degraded male while evil feminists crush his balls under their clogs. OK. ...more