Three Ways to Turn Off Autopilot and Turn On Your Sex Drive

Tried and True Tips for Overstretched Working Moms...more

Menopausal Malfunction: Vagina Out Of Order!

Long-gone are the days of spontaneous sex: sweat-soaked, heart-racing, weight-reducing sessions. Oh, they were the bestest and funnest "exercises" in the world. They were certainly memorable knock-the-wind-out-of-you orgasms, delivering a delicious climax that made my toes curl and contorted my body 'til it hurt so good! Oh yeah, those were the put-life-back-into-you kickers, testing mileage and endurance, taking my heart to its ultimate limit. ...more
@caloden LOL! OH, my, but your comment is wonderful!! Yes, it must be because we do have better ...more

Lesbian Bed Death

My partner and I have been together for almost seven years. We have a 2 year-old child. Last year, she decided to have an affair. It took place over a span of six weeks, and went on with someone who was supposed to be our friend. It all happened right in front of my face. Even after I voiced my concerns, she told assured me nothing was happening between them. I was a fool. Now, eleven months later, I have completely lost interest in sex with my partner. I do have a sex drive, although my libido has always been kind of low....more

Dealing with Sex Drive Differences

What if you want sex more than your man? Listen to six men in different stages of a relationship weigh in on what it means. ...more

I Have changed my brith control 3 times in the last 9 months....please help!

For the last 9 months I have been struggling with what birth control would be best for me. I have changed my birth control 3 times now since then! I had started out on the pill, then moved to the ring and now I am on the shot. It seems that each time I have changed my birth control, my sex drive has gone down!...more

cut down on the stress, that can affect your sex drive. and a healthier and way better option is ...more

Flibanserin Thrown Out By FDA: Is There A Cure for a Weak Female Libido?

Thankfully, the combination of visible, outspoken sex-perts, a plethora of accessible resources, and real women sharing their personal stories are helping to change, albeit slowly, the viewpoints on female sexuality. In fact, the most frequent question I receive as sex columnist and sex book author "The Mominatrix" has to do with a waning libido. ...more

...that enhances women's libido, but it's illegal in most states. In the ones where it is legal ...more

Understand the Man

Ive been reading a number of articles lately about spicing of the marriage, and some commentors struck a chord in me when they piped in about their husbands being the ones less interested in sex.  I have experienced this frustration, too, since over the course of 12 years with the same person, dry spells will obviously come and go.  I have pined, raged, and despaired, only to spiral upwards into new bliss....more

"It's Complicated" Is Simple, After All

by Patricia Yarberry Allen I have been waiting to see Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin, with all their middle age glory, in a state of postcoital bliss for months now.I was not disappointed to see the eternal adolescent, Jake – played by Alec Baldwin— seducing his former wife, Jane, played by Meryl Streep....more

*Not* Wanting to Have Sex?

Sex is very distracting. More specifically, a life without sex is extremely distracting. There's no doubt in my mind that part of my intense feelings of "Bye, bye 2008; don't let the door hit you on the way out" have one whole heck of a lot to do with the extreme lack of sex in my past year. There was directing, there was friendship, there was tons of fun and learning, there were various ups and downs, but what there wasn't, was sex. ...more

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I totally understand ...more

Phew! I'm not the only woman who hated sex while married.

An article called Married Women Hate Sex caught my attention this morning as I browsed around on momlogic.  Of the 2,500 married women who particpated in this poll, 50% said they found sex either depressing, embarassing or a hassle.  Moreover, 29% said they were just too tired, 26% said they would rather read a book, and 23% had sex only because they wanted their husbands to be happy. ...more
itstrue I totally agree with your last line.  When someone changes in a relationship and doesn't ...more