Trust Me, Your Vagina Looks Normal

Thanks to perfectly symmetrical drawings in middle school textbooks and copious amounts of Internet porn, many of us have developed strange, anxiety-inducing complexes about the visual aesthetic of the vagina. There are countless online forums and threads addressing women's concerns about whether or not their vaginas look normal. ...more
Indeed. There are so many men who believe that all women are to be a blushing pink! Thank YOU ...more

Everything You Need to Know About Squirting

Hey Wendy,“How do I squirt?”I’ve been asked this question about female ejaculation at least a million times (probably more) since I started this sex education journey. Quite frankly, I am not surprised. Thanks to the overwhelming supply of free Internet porn, many have witnessed their favorite actresses’ mind-blowing ability to shoot large amounts of liquid from their vaginas onto their willing partners and/or cameras....more
I only do it when I'm not thinking about it at all. And there is my TMI for the day...more

The Birds and The Bees...And That Fishing Pole Goes Where??

When I was a kid, I remember being given a book that described how two large round cartoon people made a baby. I also remember that somewhere in the middle of the book it suggested that you ask your mom and dad to stand next to each other naked so that you could observe the differences in their bodies. Fortunately for me and for my parents, I had enough common sense to know that this was a terrible, terrible idea....more

Worldwide Rape Prevalence Study: How it Will Inform My Parenting

There is a certain false sense of security that comes with having my daughters in an all-girls middle school. There is a modicum of relief that washes over me when I hear other parents talking about the flirtatious interactions and attractions, both clandestine and overt, that their children experience daily, hourly, continuously.  My girls get to go to school and not have to endure 'accidental' jostling or groping from the boy whose locker is adjacent to theirs. They are not awash in titillating situations between or during classes. ...more

Northwestern University, Sex Toys and the Female Orgasm

So naturally, when I read about the controversy surrounding Northwestern University’s Human Sexuality class, I’m utterly dismayed. Here is a professor, John Michael Bailey, who is offering, at last, some semblance of a full sexual education to students who are interested. The class focuses on the science and diversity of sex and offers events for students to explore sexual issues with panels and presenters who have experienced the things being discussed. The events occur after class; they are optional and the content is not covered on exams. ...more
@abgirl Agree with every word you're saying. Especially the last thoughts about porn. I ...more

Legislation Would Eliminate Funding for Abstinence-Only Programs

Good news for those of us who want to equip students with knowledge that prepares them for life: According to Ms Magazine, legislation introduced by Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) and Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) will eliminate federal funding for abstinence-only programs if enacted. ...more

oh, i really hope this passes. i understand how conservative parents could be outraged, but i ...more

Sex Ed: Are U.S. District Attorneys Seeking Justice or Re-election?

So, say you're a teacher. And state law requires you to teach about contraception if you teach sex ed. But then your county's district attorney proclaims that if you teach about contraception, he'll press criminal charges. Excuse the expression, but you're screwed -- stuck between the law and a lawyer. ...more

This is so frustrating! As an OB in a state where sex education is piss-poor, I can't tell you ...more

Sex Education That Works

I always thought that I was pretty old when I had sex for the first time (19), but Alan Guttmacher Institute reports that I was completely average. It turns out that 70% of unmarried teens in American have sex by the time they are 19. (OK, fine I was on the older end of the spectrum, but whatever.) I waited, despite intense pressure from a boyfriend in high school, because I wasn't ready and I knew it. It was a good decision for me. Other girls may be ready earlier, and those are their decisions, too....more

You often write about what I am thinking/reading/talking about... Thanks for ...more

The Incredible Power of Sex Stories

The morning-after shame attack. I vaguely remember it. You wake up, usually alone in your own bed, and are suddenly seized by such a powerful sense of embarrassment, you can't get up. You don't want to be awake because you don't want to deal with what you did the night before. What did you do the night before? You hooked up with someone. You don't really like them—hell, you don't really know them, but you know you don't like them in that way and that you'd die if your friends found out, and to top it off, the sex wasn't all that great. I've been there. ...more

Men are alot sexual/visual than woman?

Women are more emotional than men?