Let's talk about sex again

My son has an imaginary wife. And he loves to tell me stories about her.Her name is Captain Flamers. She is a cowgirl and she was sick for a long time, but he took good care of her until she was better. She and he like to ride horses together. "Do you kiss?" I ask him....more

Parents, have you talked to your kids about sex & other awkward stuff yet?

 Parents, have you talked to your kids about sex, suicide & other awkward stuff yet?http://bratbusters.com/start-talking-kids-sex/Happy Parenting,Lisa  ...more

Vintage Dating Advice for Tweens & Teens: Pet Your Dog, Not Your Date

I am about to let you all in on a big secret. I hope you’re sitting down, especially if you’re my mom. Your image of me is about to be changed forever.I am a primary custodian of a child that I am genetically tied to. You wouldn’t know it by looking at her, because she lacks my stunning jowls and facial birthmarks, but she is indeed mine. We are cosmically linked through DNA.How did this baby come to be? What did I have to do to get her?Your skills in deduction are as sharp as you think you are. Congratulations on a college degree well-earned!...more
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Sex Ed in Public Schools

Sex Ed in Schools – including LGBTQ  Radio Segment, CHNL Radio, Kamloops, June 18, 2013, 9:30 a.m....more

The Crimson Chronicles: Episode 02 Hoovering the Key 260313

Mistress Raevenprofessional dominatrix.sex educator.writer of erotica.fashion stylistLondon's Dark Secret.HBIC: Raevensclaw Arts UKLondon*Paris*San Francisco*New York Cityclasses.workshops.events. fashionThe Black Rose of England.  ...more

Walk Like A Slut

I took my then three-year-old daughter to SlutWalk last year because I want her to grow up knowing nobody has the right to tell her avoiding rape is her responsibility. Or that she needs to police her look and behavior but a boy does not....more

You're Out of Here

The majority of my blog postings get started by me reading something in the news that really upsets me or that I feel really strongly about. The most recent issue in the news that's really grinding my gears is the one about Delhi Charter School in Delhi, Lousiana. They have a new policy where if they suspect a girl at their school is pregnant they will force her to take a pregnancy test....more

Teach Our Kids “This”?

I’m sinking in my chair as I write this.  The concept makes me cringe.  This entry embarrasses me and makes me want to cover my eyes, but it’s a topic I can’t move out of my mind.  Hopefully, if I share it and write about it, I can forget about it for another ten years.  My husband may vomit while he reads this (Warning to hubby: read with a barf bag present). ...more

On Sex and the Teenager

There was a provocative blog post on BlogHer recently about a parent's role in the sex life of their teenager.  The author advocated tacit acquiescence, assuming that the teen is going to be sexually active and treating him or her as such, complete with education -- but discreetly....more