Poetry Processing: Dump Truck

Dump Truck He didn’t get hit by a truck.(So don’t worry.)He didn’t get hit by a truck.He wasn’t walking along the sidewalk—whistling a happy tune.Not a care in the world ora thought in his head past…How he had kissed me the night beforewith not just his mouthor his lips...more

My Little Secret… Trojan Valentine’s Day Edition

 My Friday nights were never spent alone, especially on Valentine’s Day. This particular Friday I crept into my home to meet a gentleman before my husband arrived home.  A friend unknown to my public life that helps me sneak away into a world of ecstasy, with tricks unbeknownst to my body....more

14 Days of Romance

Wouldn't it be nice to have 365 days of romantic gestures from your spouse? I know it would be nice but let's face it, sometimes it's hard enough to come up with one thing to do for a birthday or Valentine's Day. A whole year, totally not doable. What can be accomplished, 14 days of romance leading up to the big day. Who's going to do it? You are!Head over to Scattered Wrecks to find out how....more

Season of Romance Wasteland

Mom Wants A Life 7-year-old: “Mom, what is sex?”Mom (thinking back through the last seven years, and finally, shrugging): “I have NO idea.” ...more
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