Always the Intern, Never the Hire

Intern? Grad Student? Keep having sex with these 6 rules for success. Internships and graduate school can make or break a woman’s life and career. But poorly structured training programs can dramatically interfere with a woman’s romantic, sexual and life goals....more

My Opinion of the Basic Sex Positions

EdenofCanada shower sex ..... LOL! needs nose plugs or umbrella to keep from drowning!!! LOL! ...more

Tips For A Fulfilling Sex Life

Having a great sex life involves a lot of different factors.  It is more than just the act of sex itself.  In order to have a great sex life, it involves factors such as good communication, being comfortable with one another, relaxing, and taking the time to enjoy foreplay prior to sexual intercourse. This article will provide some helpful tips to help you achieve the sex life that you and your partner desire....more

No Shame in Sex Toy Use

According to studies, over 50% of women and almost half of men reported using a vibrator.  Twenty five percent of women reported using a vibrator within the last month.  Owning a vibrator or sex toy does not mean you are a sex freak, pervert,slut, or nymphomaniac.  Your neighbor, doctor, friends, and family could very well have a vibrator or sex toy in his or her collection....more

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Have a ...more

Making A Mess Of Massage Oil

Damn, it would appear I am in danger of alienating my only reader. Luke comes home after working a 10-hour shift (something to do with deadline-day for football players transferring clubs) and declares in a shocked voice that he read my blog today. ...more