Should Sex Offenders Register On Social Media Sites?

A week ago I stumbled upon the story of one Mr. Charles Eric Waugh, and his love of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Mr. Waugh started a Twitter account some time ago and made it his personal space for uniting the Buckeye nation, and encouraging his team, the coaching staff, and potential recruits (which is in violation of NCAA rules and regs.)Initially a firestorm descended upon him when fellow fans asked him not to tweet/at mention/spam potential recruits because of the probability of being slapped with a violation; a hot bed topic in college ball right now. Then things got..."creepy"....more

We Bought a House with 13 Sex Offenders Living Nearby

"Tell her I said this isn't a fun game." Bubba's face was dead serious as his fingers swiped across the screen of my iPad. It was 10:15 at night and we were supposed to be playing a rousing game of Scrabble (which he usually wins, by the way). Instead, we had our county's sex offender location website pulled up and there were thirteen little flags planted within a five mile radius of the house we had just put an offer in on. ...more
Go to you can get a map of your area, with offenders of differing types ...more

Opening up Sex Offender Registry to Public

Should Canada's Sex Offender Registry be open to the public?...more

The issue is about the kids

Recently I saw an article on a Facebook page featuring a headline in the Palm Beach Post News. A woman who commented on the Facebook page made the assumption that the content of the article was a slant against sex offenders and she began a tirade of “statistics” that sex offenders can be rehabilitated. The host who posted the article commented back that not all offenders can be rehabbed....more

Sex Offenders & Halloween

There’ll be no Halloween this year…well at least not for many sex offenders in TN. ...more

When Do You Step In and When Do You Just Shut Up?

I posted an entry today on my blog about dealing with children out after dark with known sex offenders (20 to be exact) within a one mile radius. Not your children. Other parents' children. Do you step in and advise them out of concern, or just keep your mouth shut and take care of your own? You can read my post here. I would really love to know which side of the fence you are on. Kim ...more

Open season on kids: Disney worker allegedly sought sex with person he believed to be a 14-year-old

The Internet is playing an increasingly important role in law enforcement stings. TV shows like Dateline’s ‘To Catch a Predator’ highlight the use of social networks, with one person posing as a potential target. The Orlando Sentinel reports the Disney worker was snared Friday night “after he allegedly tried to have sex with a detective who posed as a 14-year-old girl, the Lake County Sheriff's Office said.” This story comes on the heels of an Associated Press story confirming the suicide in a Detroit prison cell of Assistant U.S. Attorney John Atchison who lived in Florida. ...more