Smaller Penis Sex Techniques for Valentine's Day

 Just because you or your partner isn’t hung like a horse, this is no excuse to have a mundane or unsatisfactory roll in the hay on Valentine’s Day....more

Coital Alignment Technique

Many women find it difficult or impossible to reach climax from vaginal penetration alone. So, what can be done to incorporate the clitoris into lovemaking? ...more

Sexual Positions Article Hub

Want to raise your status in the sack by learning more about the various sexual positions which can upgrade your standing to Master of the Bedroom? You’ve come to the right place. The Condom Depot Learning Center’s Sexual Positions Article Hub has all the mind and body-bending poses, positions and anatomy lessons you need, all in one convenient locale....more

My Opinion of the Basic Sex Positions

EdenofCanada shower sex ..... LOL! needs nose plugs or umbrella to keep from drowning!!! LOL! ...more

Sex positions

Knowing about sex positions is a widely popular subject and it interests all of us because it relates to one of the most basic and primordial instincts of humanity that is sex. There are so many questions related to positions that comes in our mind and which we would like to get clarified. Let’s see some examples of the most common questions on sex related positions. ...more