The Homeschooling Sexual Harassment Scandal you should know about

Have you heard of the Bill Gothard scandal? If you answer “No” to that question, don’t feel bad. I had never heard of him either, until recently. I’m just an ordinary SAHM, sending my kids to public school and taking them to church on Sunday.But how about this… Have you heard of the Duggar familyfrom TLC’s popular show “19 Kids and Counting”? You have? Now we’re getting somewhere! Gothard is/was good friends with the Duggars....more

Sex Scandals: How Much Is the Other Woman Responsible?

This week, Toronto City Councilor Adam Giambrone was caught in a position that seems to be familiar with a number of male politicians and celebrities: with his pants down. But Giambrone, a 32 year-old wunderkind who was (until yesterday) running for mayor of Toronto, was unmarried but living with a long-time girlfriend. ...more

Ah, yes, now I'm saying it with you: WHY is it still happening? I think that's really the ...more


How many male politicians do you think are burning their little black books and expunging e-mails today, as another of their brotherhood bites the dust from his own lack of zipper control? We have way too much information about John Edwards and his self-described narcissism. Clearly, like any good lawyer, John Edwards can look us straight in the eye and lie like a rug, as he did initially about his affair with Rielle Hunter. ...more

I love the title of this post so I had to come check it out. I agree with you completely that ...more

The Abe Vigoda Sex Tape Will be a Sign of the Apocalypse

Lately, we have some very sexy celebrities on our hands. And not just the normal type, posing for magazine covers and falling out of their tops at wall-to-wall flashbulb events. We have bonafide old-tymey dead ones, now with sex tapes! ...more

strap on content, G rated sex videotape ever made is in the design stages. ;-)

Then ...more

Spitzer Resigns, Call-Girl Revealed, Bloggers React

When the news of (former) New York governor Eliot Spitzer's indiscretions and involvement in a prostitution ring broke out, I shook my head and wondered how the American people wound up with another crooked politician in a position of power. ...more

It sounds as if this young woman needs therapy and help finding a job that doesn't require her ...more

Spitzer In The Stars: An Astrological Perspective On Eliot And Silda

Eliot Spitzer and is wife Silda are ruled by opposite signs of the zodiac. He's a duplicitous Gemini, and she's an intelligent, free-spirited and sensitive Sagittarius. But though opposites attract, will the current storm they're facing together ultimately force them apart? ...more

Dr. Laura Blames Eliot Spitzer's Wife For His Infidelity

Controversial conservative talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger has scored yet another own goal for women, this time blaming Eliot Spitzer's wife for her husband's infidelity during an appearance on the Today Show. ...more

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