University Cancels Sex Toy Event

Hey California, you’re supposed to be the cool state. But with this recent news out of Cal State LA makes us a little skeptical of your awesomeness. ...more

Which Lube Is Right For Your Toy?

One of the problems many toy owners face is selecting the correct lube for their toys. If you’re new to the world of sex toys, the issue may not be apparent. But just like the Byrds said, to everything there is a season, and to every sex toy, there is a proper lube. After all, you need a little slip n’slide even when you’re just trying to cram it in there....more

Get Lit, Clit! Our Favorite Clitoral Vibes

For many women, their first experience with a vibrator is a clitoral vibe. These guys are packaged to be as non-threatening and incognito as possible, so if you’re feeling super weird about picking up your very own robot-penis, these might be the solution for you....more

I put a ring on it.


Now That Is An Interesting Sex Toy!

I have worked for a ...more

Would You Buy a Vibrator at a Drugstore?

Janine placed the pregnancy test on the counter to be rung up. The woman behind it hardly gave a glance as she took it to ring it up. “You’re having sex,” she said. It wasn’t a question. The woman motioned dismissively to the condoms on an aisle nearby. Janine blushed, mortified. “It’s obviously a little late for that, isn’t it?” she stammered. ...more

I like trade shows, because it's all out there for you to see, check out and talk to reps about. ...more

Helpful Advice for Couples Experimenting with Anal Intercourse

Having anal sex can be extremely pleasurable for some individuals.  It is also a big step in your intimate relationship.  If you and your partner have wanted to experiment with anal sex, here are some tips that will make your experience more enjoyable....more

Having Difficulty Achieving the Big O from Sexual Intercourse? Read This.

Research shows that less than about 40% of women can actually achieve orgasm during intercourse alone. This may give rise to sexual frustrastion and negatively affect a relationship. If you are among women who fail to achieve orgasm during intercourse, you are definitely not alone. For those men who are not able to make their female partners orgasm during sex, this does not mean you are not performing well or are at fault. ...more

Seven Function Remote Vibrating Egg

I should start out by saying that my experience with vibrating sex toys has been mixed, leaning toward poor. Mostly poor, but since I like the idea and have had a good experience or two with them in the past, I wanted to try again. ...more