Which “sex workers” should we listen to?

When it comes to decriminalizing pimps and johns, we are constantly told to “listen to sex workers”. But which “sex workers”?  Those who have escaped prostitution or those still “choosing” to be involved in the sex trade?  Organizations headed by women who have escaped prostitution  (SPACE, GEMS, Breaking Free, Survivors For Solutions, The Sage Project, Sex Trafficking Survivors United, Street Exit, Sex Trade 101) overwhelmingly support the Nordic Model, which decriminalizes prostituted women while continuing to criminalize pimps and johns....more
enbrown that turn of phrase has always seemed to be dripping with agenda whenever I hear itmore

Ashton Kutcher Versus the Village Voice: Why Numbers and Language Matter in Social Causes

Last week closed with a violent feud between the Village Voice and Ashton Kutcher, who has joined the ranks of celebrity philanthropists. The Voice, which has been under attack for continuing to allow users to post ads advertising adult services, pointed out in their cover story last week that the numbers Kutcher uses to rally support for his foundation are grossly exaggerated, leading the star to retaliate by contacting its advertisers on Twitter accusing the publication of being a "Digital Brothel." It got ugly, but the Voice raised a good point. Here's a closer look. ...more
Thank you for the insight. I just wrote a little bit about Ashton Kutcher catching flack for his ...more

Valentine's Day Activism

I just wrote an article about how various organizations are using Valentine's Day to create awareness and get people involved in some true-good activism. This got me thinking: what can I do, other than write about it?...more

Modern Day Slavery in America (Part 2): There Is No Such Thing As a Child Prostitute

Who is this "commodity" being traded on the street? Statistically she is a 13-year-old girl who has run away from an abusive parent, guardian or foster home. Too young to fend for herself as a runaway, she ends up under the control of a pimp who promises to take care of her. Then the trafficker turns on her and, either by emotional manipulation or physical threat, gets the girl to work the streets to bring in money. ...more

There are little girls who walk here from Mexico. Everyday just these little illegals live a ...more

Modern Day Slavery in America: Sex Trafficking in Oakland Is Big Business

Oakland Local, a web site run by BlogHer Contributing Editor Susan Mernit, is running an original investigative series on youth sex trafficking in the Bay area. This story is reposted from that series at Oakland Local. It's nearly midnight on a Thursday and teen-age girls are on every corner of International Boulevard in the dozen blocks stretching south from 41st Street. Many are dressed up. But this is not prom night or a concert letting out. ...more

This, and many more horrors, have continued on and on and on, for lifetimes. Let's hope ours ...more

The Scary Statistics of Teenage Prostitution

A story about the abusive background suffered by many teenage prostitutes and what Georgia is doing to help them appeared on my Facebook feed from Women's eNews on Monday. (It seems to not be working at this writing, but I linked to it in case it comes back up.) Yesterday, Diane Loupe wrote another story about Georgia's innovative plan. ...more

Thanks for the reminder, Tina.  It is important to let people know that there are ...more

Georgia, On My Mind

I've written a couple of times about the state of Georgia's unfortunate place in the spotlight for incidences of child sex trafficking. One particular approach is getting some attention today, and I'm interested to hear what YOU think about it. Georgian citizens are urged to sign a petition for Georgia's lawmakers to: ...more

Liam Neeson in TAKEN: Not a Mindless Thrill

I’m not usually a fan of shoot-em-up movies. But then one of my favorite actors, Liam Neeson, whom I haven’t seen in ages, showed up in Taken, and I bit the bullet (heh, heh). He compelled me to buy a movie ticket for the first time since my 13-year-old daughter and I went to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 last summer. ...more