Why Porn stars don’t get Aids

Why Porn stars don’t get Aids even they do sex with various people? This Question is in everyone’s mind and it is logical question.  Everybody knows that Aids is a disease which occurs due to sex with unknown person who have already sex with another person But question is this Why porn stars don’t get Aids? Because porn stars do sex with too many people in their life even at a one time on the spot. And They also don’t use Condom....more

Party goers

 Wow!  We are going to all types of parties now that we have started this business.  We have attended – wild parties, retirement parties, divorce parties, group vacation parties and he left me parties.In doing so, I have enjoyed talking to women of all ages, cultures and sexual preferences. We discussed the different types of men and sexual position. I have learned …...more

Do You Ever Avoid Sex?

“Honey, get your cute ass home. I made turkey chili. And I’m horny.”I’ve called my husband of ten years with a version of that message too many times to count. (When I cook, I’m quite good at it. But while my husband would prefer a daily meal, I’m more of a weekly chef.)My urgent messages are mostly in jest. My husband is usually a 40-minute drive away. And... I do want him. In that moment....more
@Falling Down Under Brave. Yes. Wise? Not really sure! ;-)more