I feel childfree because my children are away at school

I like taking care of my children, specially because they like my foods. I feel like I am making a difference in this life. Now my children are living with their father and I had to put their needs first and allow them to stay with him and his new wife and her children. My son would have to wake up at 6am to travel to my house, when it would be his father's week because we have share custody. He moved so far away almost in the remote country side. I texed them often and call them as much as I can. We set facetime but have not yet use it....more

Why I Don't Need a Reason to Not Want Kids

  I wore a maxi dress to work today. The frequency in which I wear dresses to work is about once per month. I am more of a jeans and blouse kind of girl. So on the spontaneous day that I wear a dress like I did today, people notice and sometimes talk about it in the same way they might if I showed up with a tattoo on my face. Most days I don’t mind this. Today was not one of those days. ...more