What Makes a Woman Sexy?

Earlier this month, my friend Victoria and I shared with you our thoughts about confidence being the ultimate form of sex appeal. Over the past few weeks, I've had second thoughts. I mean, what if the only reason we believed this was because we're women and simply wanted to believe this was the case? I mean, let's face it: As women -- to some extent -- we sort of have a conflict of interest when it comes to what makes a woman sexy....more

Make the Decision to Own Your Sexy

The idea of sexiness typically conveys a certain image in our minds. A woman of a certain body type, often showing off lots of that body. But that leaves a lot of us out of the picture. My body doesn't look like that and even if it did, I don't think I'd dress in that way because it's simply not my style. Does that mean I'm not sexy? According to Karen, true sexiness comes from confidence. I find it hard, sometimes, to feel confidant about things that go against the grain. It takes effort to change that thought process in my mind and to have it reflect in my every day life, to have it glow from within. It takes a decision....more

Your Specific Brand of Sexy

There are men and women out there who desire curvy partners, skinny partners, heavy partners, short partners, tall partners, and partners of every skin color. This isn’t a crazy fetish -– this is basic attraction....more

Spot on blog. Variety is supposed to make the world go round right? And if everyone looked the ...more

Victoria Gardner: We Can Determine If We're Sexy

"Hi," she said, warmly. "I'm Alys. It's so good to meet you." As soon as she walked up to me, I caught my breath. She was short -- at 5'8", I towered over her. She was more curvy than slender, and had very short dark hair. Her eyes danced, and her smile was huge, and I'm here to tell you, this woman was straight. up. sexy....more

Wow...I really love this post! Very uplifting. more

Testing the Red-Is-Pretty Theory

About a week again I wrote a post on my seasonedsex blog reporting on some colorful research that showed men find women more sexually attractive when dressed in red. It’s something to do with baboons and chimps and how their rumps get red when ovulating. People go for the craziest stuff because the study got a lot of interest on blogs and in media. So I decided to refine the important study. ...more

How to Get Him to Propose. At Last

You’re a woman. You’ve probably read, what, 8,702 relationship books about how to make men crazy with lust and glue them to you until death do you part. So it may come as a shock to you to learn that the real answer to making a man want you bad is no farther than your closet. Providing of course you have something red in there. ...more

Roger, you're clearly a thinking man who knows what he sees isn't always what he gets. So ...more