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Recently a couple items in the news have caught my eye, and my thoughts/feelings about these particular items has been such that I wanted to write a little something about them. Pardon my rant....more

"Mad Men's" Betty Draper and the Death of JFK (Spoilers)

It took the death of the President of the United States to shake Betty Draper (January Jones) out of her unhappy, little Stepford world and make her shove on the flaps of her hermetically sealed, suburban envelope .  Not that Betty hasn't shown flashes of defiance before.  Like last season when she challenged her husband Don (Jon Hamm) about his chippies on the side and then thought nothing of a public bathroom quickie with a stranger. ...more

Hi Jory,

Like you say, Bets represents the thoughts and feelings of so many who lived ...more

Imaginext Toys, or how my gender disqualifies me from having a complex imagination

They have added some female super heroes but very few. Still disappointed.more

Michael Pollan: Cooking up a Sour Batch of Sexism

My book club is comprised of liberal, middle and upper-middle class, professional, Jewish women. In July, we read Michael Pollan's book, In Defense of Food. Given that we are his target audience (people - some of whom are moms - who care about the environment and health, who have some means to be able to shop in ways that support sustainability), it seemed like we'd love the book. We hated it. As my friend Molly said, "He doesn't recognize that by romanticizing how food was prepared in the past, he ensures that women cannot have jobs outside of the home, whether they want them or not." We all agreed that his fixation on "mother knows best" when it comes to cooking was a positive, yet sexist stereotype. ...more

I hope that you will come to all our future meetings of my book club so that you can dictate to ...more

Reunion Ruminations IV: The Men of Dartmouth

In his memoir-cum-novel, The Periodic Table, Primo Levi wrote this of his twenty-fifth college reunion: ...more

Hey ladies, my mind is up here.

I stood at the back of the "Vaginally Challlenged Bloggers" session red in the face from embarassment on at least three separate occasions. ...more

just sayin' ;).  He's  girly man.

 But seriously, I was at the session and thought you ...more

On the Road to Election Day, Part III: How much do we have to put up with?

No candidate for political office should have to put up with any test of his or her mettle beyond what is demanded by the role of occupying that job and serving the public.  And yet, time and again - the current time as good as any - we read about, hear about or witness examples of just how incredibly harsh the light can be shined on someone seeking public office.  This Women's Media Center video called, Sexism Sells But We're Not Buying It, is a classic that everyone, man or w ...more

Editors of Femisex.com

The ugly, nonpartisan truth is that corporate ...more

I have no idea what Burger King is trying to imply here

And I thought the BK King commercials were creepy! I can't ignore this one no matter how hard I try. (Thanks, Internet.) What's next, this sandwich becomes an "appendage" of the King? A pre-emptive argument for those who will say "yeah, but the ad got your attention! It did its job!" Sure. But it did nothing to make me want this sandwich or want to go to BK; in fact, it has done the opposite. ...more

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