"Shoes Must Match Your Skirt": Dress Codes Gone Wild

The global financial meltdown has taken the brightest minds in economics by surprise. How could the world's top financial institutions crumble so spectacularly? What exactly were these financial wizards thinking during the asset bubble? This week we finally figured out what bankers were doing instead of minding our money: They were looking at our ankles.  Let’s take a look at what passes for a dress code at the Bank of England: ...more

Abercrombie/ Hollister! I never put on my flip flops until I got inside, clocked in and put ...more

So, I get to kick him in the balls if I see him now, right?

Did anyone catch Bush the Elder making this reeeeeeeeeaaaally sexist joke in a speech to some sort of automakers' forum? ...more

Juan Williams calls Michelle Obama "Stokely Carmichael in a dress"

NPR and Fox contributor Juan Williams is catching flak after his televised comments last night that First Lady (and Blogher contributor) Michelle Obama "has this Stokely-Carmichael-in-a-designer-dress thing going" and that she'll be an "albatross" for President Obama. Williams made the comment in an appearance on The O'Reilly Factor alongside BlogHer Contributing Editor Mary Katharine Ham. ...more

I am a woman, a feminist, a graduate of UC Berkeley, and a lawyer. I have been sexually ...more

What I have to look forward to

[photo by Anne Terada]   ...more

and your analysis!


Good and plenty!


Do Not Call Me Sassy!

I love being a weekly contributor at Michelle Obama Watchblog, founded by Gina of What About Our Daughters. If you've not had the opportunity to visit MOW, I strongly encourage you to do so. The posts provide a wealth of up-to-date information and commentary on all things about First Lady in Waiting, Mrs. Michelle Obama. ...more

WVFC Thursday Newsmix: Hillary, Aliens, Caroline Kennedy, and More Hillary

It's an All-Hillary newsmix today, as Barack Obama's lead speechwriter gets his hand caught where it shouldn't have been, Kathy Bates seems to draw upon Mrs. Clinton for her portrayal of a Defense Secretary, and two women are frontrunners to replace Hillary in the Senate. ...more


A new national survey by More magazine found that 87% of the population believes that women experience age discrimination at some point in their lives. The study also found that men are not immune. One in five men and women aged 40-60 believe being over 40 has hurt them professionally, with those over 55 almost twice as likely (32%) than those 40-54 (18%) to admit that it has damaged their chances of getting a new job. ...more

As a sister publication up here in Canada, I think it is especially prevalent in media or ...more

Of socialism, racism, and honest discussion

When you say “socialism,” several things come to mind. The first are the most famous socialists of them all, Germany’s National Socialist party of yore, the goose-stepping Nazis who carved a deep wound into the fleshy world psyche. The second is Mussolini. I also think of the current Spanish government. Then I think of my cruel first grade teacher who once caught me with a bag of candy corn that I brought to school as a lunch snack (that I paid for with my own money). She made me distribute it evenly to every kid in my class “to be fair.” ...more

Hi imperfect parent,

Sorry about the delay in getting this posted. I put all the information ...more

Equality Means Equal Treatment, Even When the Treatment is Tough

Thank you Katie Couric for the follow-up questions. You pressed Sarah Palin, asked for specifics, and you weren't afraid of inspecting her and her record. Charles Gibson could learn a thing or two from you. I just hoped it wasn't the case that you felt safe challenging Palin because you yourself are a woman. And I had hoped Charlie Gibson didn't avoid being tough with her because he's a man. ...more

A woman who comes out of the gate calling herself a pitbull and ridiculing the other ...more