Dyslogistic Speech – Are You A Woman?

I was sitting at a table sipping tea when I heard a man say to another, “You know he’s a little b**tch, right?” Um, gee what was he trying to say? That the man was gay? That the man expressed feelings? Perhaps the person in question was on the rag, metaphorically speaking. Not the first time I’ve heard men using the B-word to refer to another man in such a manner. Dyslogistic speech is a word or group of words used to express disapproval or intended as an insult. Now any word could be a pejorative term so context is extremely important. Here is an example: ...more

I love the history behind this...thanksmore

Media roundup: Bloggers demand ABC come clean, reporter protest station's "sensationalism;" Martin Bashir apologizes

There's a lot going on in the mediaverse these days, and bloggers have a lot to say about all of it. Here's a cooks' tour of some of the issues and stories attracting comment from blogging women (and some men): ...more

Yes, Bashir's remarks were really bad. Supposedly, he has a reputation for this kind of ...more

Behind the Woman Behind the Bomb

Saturday's New York Times print edition prominently featured an op-ed by Lindsey O'Rourke titled, "Behind the Woman Behind the Bomb." It caught my eye for two reasons. First, the graphic was huge (6.5 inches high and 6 inches wide, which is a lot of space to take up on the op-ed page) and an interesting portrayal of what I construed to be a dangerous vamp. ...more

Now I wonder though, is the need to "take a special look at women" as much a refction ...more

What Took So Long? Media Coverage of BlogHer 08

I didn't attend BlogHer 08 so I felt sheepish writing about it in my blog today. Yet there are a number of women (yes, really there are) who still don't know about BlogHer, so I felt it was my duty. When I began to surf in search of BlogHer 08 coverage, I remembered why I didn't write about it right after the conference ended. There was virtually no mainstream media coverage that I could link to. ...more

I wouldn't call it Horrible,


Bianca, thanks so much for linking to The Hathor ...more

Hey, NYT: Gender politics are not a ‘lifestyle’

As much as it made me nauseous to read Kathleen Parker’s quotes in New York Times‘ recent review of hers and Jessica Valenti’s new(ish) books, it made me even more ill to see that, yet again, gender politics have been relegated to the “Style”-”Fashion & Style” section. ...more

When did you first realize being a woman could be a disadvantage and what did you do about it?

Perhaps after the sexism in media coverage of Hillary Clinton's campaign or the nasty attacks on Michelle Obama, my ears perked up more eagerly this morning at the BBC Radio interview of Cherie Blair, wife of Great Britain's former Prime Minister Tony Blair. She considers herself an advocate of women's rights and didn't realize until she became a member of the Bar in Great Britain that being a woman could hold her back. ...more

While I certainly follow my company's dres code, I refuse to wear makeup.  It has nothing to ...more

More sports and sexism

I’m starting to wonder if sports has become the “it” terrain for blatant sexism and creating a hostile climate for women. In the last year… Sexual Harassment of female fans by male fans at Jets’ games: nothing like a good ol “you don’t belong here until you have something you can give me, like the view of your tits that I’m clearly entitled to due to my possession of a penis.” ...more

Dear Myles Brand: Title IX is HOW old?

As a girl in the 1960's, I was a huge baseball fan, falling asleep on muggy summer nights listening to the Yankees on the radio. Mickey Mantle was the undisputed star but my favorite was the shortstop Tony Kubek. To this day, listening to a baseball game on the radio is guaranteed to relax and entertain me at the same time. ...more