Dear Myles Brand: Title IX is HOW old?

As a girl in the 1960's, I was a huge baseball fan, falling asleep on muggy summer nights listening to the Yankees on the radio. Mickey Mantle was the undisputed star but my favorite was the shortstop Tony Kubek. To this day, listening to a baseball game on the radio is guaranteed to relax and entertain me at the same time. ...more

To Edit or Not to Edit: How Do You Read Older Literature to Children?

I think it started with Junie B. Jones, the star of a book series by Barbara Park. A person (who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty) gave my then four-year-old daughter a copy of Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business, a story about a girl who was my daughter's age who was about to gain a new sibling, just as my child was at the time. Junie B. is brash and unstoppable, and is far from perfect, which I thought was a good thing for my daughter to see. My daughter greatly enjoyed the series, but after a few of the books, I began to absolutely HATE Junie B. ...more

 Tico and the Golden Wings has that same message of the golden bird who wants to be different ...more

Iron Man review

I just saw Iron Man today and I wanted to write a mini-review while it was still fresh. Semi-spoilers below. The Tony Stark character is reprehensible. My stomach was on fire after the 1st 15 minutes; I asked my partner "I sure hope his superhero actions redeem him." By that, I meant does he see the jerk of a human being that he was? The answer is yes and no. ...more

I agree with a lot of what you've said here, however, I do think that while "Iron Man" does play ...more

Sexist Media Did Not Cost Hillary Rodham Clinton the Democratic Nomination

I am a feminist. I have been a feminist for as long as I can remember. If there is anything that I want in this world, it is equality for all (i.e. - feminism = equality.) When I say equality, I mean that every person has the opportunity to become the best person he/she can possibly be. That gender, race, class, and the other human-erected barriers we place on people are eradicated. ...more

I totally support this!more

C'est Bon? No, Your Gender Marketing and rBGH Yogurts Suck

I admit it: I am a yogurt freak. My mother developed osteoporosis at a relatively young age, so I am vigilant about meeting my Recommended Daily Allowance for calcium. At my age, my friends at the National Institute for Health tell me I should be sucking in 1,000 mg per day. Fortunately, I love diary products, and although I could definitely up my intake of the leafy greens, I do OK. ...more If you have seen the site of FAGE USA you ...more

The Double Standard With Which Gender and Race Are Treated in the Current Presidential Campaign

As the 2008 presidential campaign continues, I frequently think about the manifestations of racism and sexism that Obama and Clinton, respectively, are confronted with because of who they are. ...more

I smile less, and I'm getting more rude.

One of my new friends (Thank you, new friend!) forwarded this article to me: ...more