The Double Standard With Which Gender and Race Are Treated in the Current Presidential Campaign

As the 2008 presidential campaign continues, I frequently think about the manifestations of racism and sexism that Obama and Clinton, respectively, are confronted with because of who they are. ...more

I smile less, and I'm getting more rude.

One of my new friends (Thank you, new friend!) forwarded this article to me: ...more

Sore Loser

So it has been 10 years since I've thrown a softball, but that all changed on Tuesday night at our local co-ed slow-pitch softball league (comprised of only four teams). And I'm a sore loser...literally. For more, go to ...more

Wall Street, Sexism, and Journalism: The Case of Zoe Cruz

Was Zoe Cruz, the most powerful woman on Wall Street, fired from Morgan Stanley because she is female? An article in New York Magazine tried very hard to prove so. Long story short: Three weeks prior to asking Cruz to resign, CEO John Mack indicated that she was his first choice to replace him. As people (i.e. - men) jostled for power within the bank, Cruz earned supporters who appreciated her abrasive, upfront style, and enemies who thought she was in over her head. She made many power plays and helped oust many other powerful men, such as Vikram Pandit, the man who currently has the job title she was promised (updated to clarify that he is the CEO of Citigroup), during her tenure there. In her work, she backed a group that was playing games with the mortgage market. When that market started to fall apart, she tried to staunch the flow of losses. When the shit hit the fan, would Mack take the fall or would he leave his heir apparent holding the bag? Thanks to pressure in part from from arch-enemy Pandit, Cruz solely took the heat. Some say it is because she is a woman, but I think it is much more complex than that. ...more

Ooops! Snigdha, that was a huge mistake in my original post, so thank you for catching it and ...more

The Vagina Monologues On YouTube

In honor of the 10th Anniversary of V-Day and BlogHer's exclusive interview with the writer of "The Vagina Monologues" Eve Ensler, I was asked to focus this week's post on "The Vagina Monologues" on YouTube. ...more

"Because He Liked To Look At It" reminds me of the journey to self-acceptance that ...more

Special Report: The Trouble With Men, Article by Adam Dudding

Special Report: The Trouble With MenArticle by Adam Dudding ...more

Hollywood's Amazing Women Of Film And TV

As part of BlogHer's focus on Women's History Month, this post is about amazing women in the history of film and television: women who inspired in front of the camera and women who crashed the Hollywood old boy network behind it. When I sat down and thought about the women I might want to write about, I was overwhelmed with names. Like my fellow Contributing Editor Maria Niles and her post on Women Who Rocked American History, I felt the only way to do the subject justice was with a list. The list I came up with was as long as my arm. By the time I'd whittled that down to something manageable, I'd immersed myself in the remarkable careers of a group of twenty-seven talented and pioneering women. They're listed alphabetically and in two categories, movies and television. ...more

I knew about Bette Davis and the Hollywood Canteen, but I didn't know about her going on tour ...more

Blogging about Body Image and Our Kids

I posted this on "Body Impolitic" and wanted to share it with the BloghHer Community. I'd love to hear people's thoughts about the panel. I’m going to be moderating a panel at this summer’s BlogHer conference how we blog/feel about our kids and their and our body image. There is a tentative panel description at the end of this blog. This description is where my thinking is right now, but there’s time for lots of thought. ...more

Dear Vered,

Sorry for being so late in answering this. I really understand your ...more

On the Patriotism of Wright's Jeremiads and Michelle Obama's Pride

Recently, a newspaper reporter asked me to comment on the attitudes of African Americans toward Sen. Barack Obama's presidential candidacy. I told him I would share my thoughts on the understanding that I had not personally polled all 30 million of us. No doubt, he thought me tedious. But I think it is important, especially lately to note the particularities of our experience. ...more

 Hi Prof. Kim!

By far, the most compelling, historically referenced and 'relatable' ...more

On What Planet Is This OK?

One what planet is this OK? ...more

which would be, planet earth. Unfortunately.


BlogHer Community ...more