Sorry, I Won't Be Bringing My Dick to the Table

Guess what "BRDTTT" stands for? You won't get it, so I'll tell you. Bring Your Dick to the Table. Apparently the artist—and I use that term loosely—believes women can keep these expensive little pet cocks in their pockets to grab on to when they lose confidence in, for example, themselves in a business situation with men. A whole inch and a half of penile self-confidence right in the palm of our small, feminine hands....more
TerriLynnMerritts Nope, that is not what men do with pocket pussies.more

Weak Sisters

I've so had it with all this oppressive sexist bullshit. It is never ending....more
yes, we are freaking mad.  about so many freaking things!! just one of many:  ...more

Bossy, Bitch, C*nt, Oh My! A Look at Women’s Wars on Words

Women's war of words has been brewing for decades. The recent bossy debate really brings attention to how the sticks and stones might not be the only thing hurting women....more

Lupita Hate? Keep It Away

Too many people who are disliked on social media for being trollers/haters get excited when there is something new the world is unfolding for.That just happens to be Lupita....more

How Running For Office Is Different For Mothers

Women can and do run for office, but their path to politics differs from the one most men follow. Women are generally asked to run and likely to have been recruited....more
Well said.  And we need more women representing in office.   "The most important thing is ...more

An open letter to Grand River Toys

Dear Grand River Toys,...more

You Won't Believe How the US Ranks in Gender Equality

Ladies, we are in serious trouble here....more
#23?! This simply is not good enough for me.  What will it take?  Always befuddles me that posts ...more

Define Slut

Image via Pinterest ...more

"Men are from Earth. Women are from Earth. Deal with it." -George Carlin

UN Women’s new ad campaign came to my attention several days ago. It made me sick to my stomach, disappointed, sad, and angry. Let’s see how it makes you feel....more
@Porcelain Lotus Thanks for sharing the tumblr. It's horrifying to see how common such ...more