Slut-Shaming Snooki

**This post is fairly graphic** Anyone who reads gossip columns (guilty) knows by now that Snooki of Jersey Shore has been having some incontinence issues, which she attributes to a urinary tract infection. After peeing on the dance floor of a club last episode, she admitted to Andy Cohen that, "I'm such a dirty little rat.. when I'm drunk, it's just, anything goes." The audience cheered and laughed. She then hypothesized that she got her UTI "from, like, butt sex or something." ...more

Girly Beer

image via Philly.TheDrinkNationPink is for girls, y'know....more

Christopher Hitchens: Margaret Thatcher Was Sexy

I found this gem in the Huffington Post yesterday, a posthumously published "brilliant, perfect jewel of an essay on politics and sexuality" by the late, great Christopher Hitchens. When Hitchens met Margaret Thatcher in the late 1970s, he was immediately struck by her assertiveness and, um, sex appeal. "It was at the annual conference that, as I stood in the body of the hall, it hit me. That feline smile, the composed but definite body-language, the voice at once stern and cajoling... to say nothing of the Valkyrie helmet of blond locks. My god! She has them in her thrall! And she knows it! ...more
Get over yourself. Maggie was super-hot. Even if she were not a politician. And there's nothing ...more

My Top 6 Pet Peeves

In no particular order: 1. People who say, "BUT IT WAS A DIFFERENT TIME! THAT WAS ACCEPTABLE THEN!" when you point out the sexism or racism in an older work of fiction. I love One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. It's a great book. But the fact that it was written in the '50s doesn't mean I'm not allowed to call it sexist and racist. Please. Is Aristotle's misogyny excusable just because he lived "in a different time"? No. Should we stop reading Aristotle? No as well. ...more

Top Five Reasons Why I Hated the X-Factor Finale

I've not seen one episode of the X-Factor until tonight.I only watch about 2 hours of TV per week during the semester so during the winter break I try to relax while watching a few select shows. I was a speech, drama and debate teacher for eight years so I really love talent shows. They remind me of auditions for our Spring Musicals, only on a grandiose and incredibly bankrolled scale....more
Hey, I want to thank you for cleaning up my post a bit before putting in on the Entertainment ...more

Why are classic boring advertisements always aimed at women?

Have you ever noticed how these days the quality of advertising has improved? The commercial break often is more entertaining than the TV-shows that are interrupted by them. It’s because marketers feel like people have become so overexposed to advertising that people have become extremely hard to influence. To respond to this marketers have adopted a new vision on their customers. They no longer see their customers as people that need to buy their products....more

*Miss Representation* My take on Media

  I just watched this clip from  Miss Representation--- It inspired some thought, man... I don't think HALF of our problems come from MEN,or how they still run the media, or the friggin' world...It's US! And the fact that too many of us still care so much about what menexpect from us and what other people think of us....more

Women are from Venus; Men Drink Bourbon

It's a good question but I have never gotten an eyebrow for knocking back a good scotch. It's my ...more

Booberday: Painting It Pink Doesn't Make It Less Sexist

Do cancer patients benefit from campaigns purported to "raise awareness" that plaster images of breasts all over the internet or are we just using their tragedy to gratuitously post images we wouldn't otherwise? What, if anything, does this sort of campaign achieve for cancer research, cancer patients and women in general? A close look at the Booberday debacle. ...more
Excellent post! Just found this website as well, and posts like this will definitely get me ...more

Does A Comic's Joke About Rape Speak to A Larger Problem?

Perhaps you've caught wind of the mess involving a former Second City employee in Chicago who told a story on an open mic. In the story, a slightly drunk female customer gives a Second City waiter her number and tells him to call her. The waiter has a girlfriend, isn't interested, and passes the number off to the "joke"-teller. He calls the woman, pretending to be the waiter, and she invites him over. When he shows up, clearly not the man she was expecting, she tells him to leave. ...more
It's rape, pure and simple. And you are no feminist. You are a rape apologist.more