Bridal Shower Blues

Of all the traditions associated with weddings, bridal showers might be one of the ...more

Sexism on SNL: Jane Pulls Back Curtain on Belushi's Misogyny

Yesterday, Oprah invited some of the greatest SNL writers and performers of all time to chat in a fun little special.   But things took an oddly serious turn when OG cast member Jane Curtin couldn't control her MASSIVE EYE ROLL to Chevy Chase's spin on the "womens issues" that existed in studio 8H back in the days of Disco....more

The New Yorker had a piece by Tina Fey within the last month. She says that to this day, women ...more

Ashley Judd’s Remarks about Hip-Hop and Misogyny…..Why Are People Upset?

It seems that these days when a celebrity has something to promote, they ( or their publicist) release something provocative (even though it usually has nothing to do with the actual product) in order to gain attention. For the actor/activist Ashley Judd, a snippet of her memoir, All That Is Bitter And Sweet was, ahem, “leaked” -- and Judd was forced to give a public apology. From her book:...more

I Write Like A Man

Or at least that’s what the internet tells me. Today I stumbled across a web site called “The Gender Genie.” Sounded like something that would instantly turn me into a man, so I had to check it out. Turns out that it analyzes a block of text and predicts the gender of the author based on words used in the text, such as ‘with,’ ‘your,’ and ‘her’ for women and ‘above,’ ‘more,’ and ‘is’ for men....more

The Rise of Enlightened Sexism

By Susan J. DouglasCross-posted at On The Issues Magazine....more

Christine O'Donnell, Krystal Ball: Sexism and the Midterm Elections

The highest-profile attacks against women candidates were directed toward Krystal Ball, who was running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia’s first district, and Sarah Palin protege Christine O’Donnell, who was running for the U.S. Senate in Delaware. Both women lost by pretty large margins after some of the most talked-about photos of the election cycle surfaced. ...more

This is a great post!

Women are always playing defense. Calling this out is very important. ...more

Gawker's Total FAIL with Christine O'Donnell

In the most repulsive news yet in one of the dirtiest election cycles in modern history, Gawker tried to shock! America with an anonymous “expose” on a sex-less sexcapade involving Delaware candidate for Senator Christine O’Donnell. ...more

I understand the call on hypocrisy but sexual acts (or non-acts) are private and should not be ...more

NH Senate Candidate Kelly Ayotte is a GOP misogynist; lets cops abuse women. -- Reel News for Real PeopleYour really need to watch this video and read this lawsuit to see how hateful the new GOP really is.More women against Ayotte: lawsuit:

Harvard, Final Clubs, and Sexism in the Movie "The Social Network"

"The Social Network" is more than just a movie about one young boy's rise from geekness; it exposes the privileged and sexist behavior fostered by final clubs, exclusive all-male fraternities that throw sex parties during which college girls are brought over in a bus, made drunk, and reduced to strippers and uninhibited sexual partners. It is known that these clubs/parties often involve sexual assaults, but nothing id=s done about it.  ...more