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I stood at the back of the "Vaginally Challlenged Bloggers" session red in the face from embarassment on at least three separate occasions. ...more

just sayin' ;).  He's  girly man.

 But seriously, I was at the session and thought you ...more

On the Road to Election Day, Part III: How much do we have to put up with?

No candidate for political office should have to put up with any test of his or her mettle beyond what is demanded by the role of occupying that job and serving the public.  And yet, time and again - the current time as good as any - we read about, hear about or witness examples of just how incredibly harsh the light can be shined on someone seeking public office.  This Women's Media Center video called, Sexism Sells But We're Not Buying It, is a classic that everyone, man or w ...more

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The ugly, nonpartisan truth is that corporate ...more

I have no idea what Burger King is trying to imply here

And I thought the BK King commercials were creepy! I can't ignore this one no matter how hard I try. (Thanks, Internet.) What's next, this sandwich becomes an "appendage" of the King? A pre-emptive argument for those who will say "yeah, but the ad got your attention! It did its job!" Sure. But it did nothing to make me want this sandwich or want to go to BK; in fact, it has done the opposite. ...more

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Sotomayor Buzz, Week 2: Sexist Media Times Ten

by Diane Vacca   ...more

Sonia Sotomayor: The more things change, the more they stay the same

crossposted from What Tami Said The election of President Barack Obama heralded in a post-racial world, or so I'm told. Why then, does criticism of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor sound so much like the typical volleys thrown at high-achieving people of color? ...more

Joe Biden, And Me

I called my friend Annie and told her, “Joe Biden is now the symbol for working women over the age of 50.”    ...more

Not Bad for a Girl

While overt sexism still rears its ugly head, much of it these days seems to be the subtler, more pernicious type. Many sexist remarks start innocently enough. In fact, one might even think she was being offered a compliment until she really thinks about what the speaker said or how he/she said it. Whatever the case is, sexism is damaging. ...more

From my observations the "women expect money from men" stereotype will be gone soon as ...more

"Shoes Must Match Your Skirt": Dress Codes Gone Wild

The global financial meltdown has taken the brightest minds in economics by surprise. How could the world's top financial institutions crumble so spectacularly? What exactly were these financial wizards thinking during the asset bubble? This week we finally figured out what bankers were doing instead of minding our money: They were looking at our ankles.  Let’s take a look at what passes for a dress code at the Bank of England: ...more

Abercrombie/ Hollister! I never put on my flip flops until I got inside, clocked in and put ...more

So, I get to kick him in the balls if I see him now, right?

Did anyone catch Bush the Elder making this reeeeeeeeeaaaally sexist joke in a speech to some sort of automakers' forum? ...more