Poverty Is Sexist

Poverty is sexist.The evidence is clear: extreme poverty disproportionately affects girls and women, from their health to income to personal safety. The poorest women are often barred from owning and inheriting land and other property, opening a bank account, or accessing education....more

Education Is Sexist

Poverty and gender inequality go hand-in-hand; girls and women in the poorest countries suffer a double whammy, of being born both in a poor country and female. To see the extent of this disadvantage, ONE analyzed the situation for girls and women in least developed countries (LDCs) across key gender indicators. On every indicator, life is significantly harder for girls and women in LDCs compared with those living in other countries....more

Sexist toddler t-shirts at Walmart. Ugh...

Saw these shirts at Walmart today in the toddler section.No doubt a play on the new royal prince George and the Walmart brand, which as luck would have it, is called George....more

Go Daddy Inspires This Go Mommy to Go BYE-BYE.

Maybe I joined them because I had heard from others more experienced that their product really was the best available at the time.  Maybe I stayed with them because I had already paid for 2 years of my domain name.  Maybe I stayed because I had actually had very good customer service help from them, and had never experienced any difficulties with my site.  I've often gagged at their aggressively sexist advertising, but I am a technophobe, and the less I have to deal with the mechanics of my domain name, the better.  I gagged, but I swallowed....more

So I'm a Slut?

Rush Limbaugh has said that the only reason for a woman to take birth control is because she's having so much sex that she must be a slut and a prostitute. I will be boycotting every company that sponsors Rush Limbaugh. Even if you have been a fan of his, surely we can all agree that this crosses the line. In response to criticism, Limbaugh doubled down....more

Victory! Dos Equis to Drop Sexist Ad. (Like, Really Sexist.)

Dos Equis has agreed to stop running an ad that appeared to advise men on hunting women (as in hunting with spears).  No, really. Last month I wrote about a sexist ad Dos Equis was running that advised men to: “[a]pproach women like you do wild animals, with caution and a soothing voice.”   ...more
Good job. This person doesn't seem to be trying to change laws or constrict the press, rather, ...more

Walking Tall and Proud.

My name is Evelyn. I have been happily married to my best friend, Richard, for the last eleven years and together we have four beautiful children: James (9), Catherine (7), Olivia (5), and Emme (3). I am also the co-founder at a private organization that provides children with afterschool care. Throughout my years as a working mother, I have found one of my biggest struggles to be balance; but as a woman, that is one thing, you are expected to succeed in. I find myself in an odd position....more

Sexist Kid Toys

Fisher-Price thinks baby girls should play with lipstick and purses… While little boys play with work bags and tools. ...more

Thanks for the post.  Lyn Mikel Brown and Sharon Lamb spell it all out in Packaging ...more

Congressional Stimulus Conference? ALL MEN.

Today, Congress announced the House and Senate lawmakers who will be serving as conferees to work out the final version of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  Missing from this list? Women lawmakers. ...more

Of socialism, racism, and honest discussion

When you say “socialism,” several things come to mind. The first are the most famous socialists of them all, Germany’s National Socialist party of yore, the goose-stepping Nazis who carved a deep wound into the fleshy world psyche. The second is Mussolini. I also think of the current Spanish government. Then I think of my cruel first grade teacher who once caught me with a bag of candy corn that I brought to school as a lunch snack (that I paid for with my own money). She made me distribute it evenly to every kid in my class “to be fair.” ...more

Hi imperfect parent,

Sorry about the delay in getting this posted. I put all the information ...more