Most Controversial Post: My Views on Sex

The second post for my self-titled "The LodyBlog" came about when a few friends and I remembered our first sex talk with our mothers. Well, they had sex talks--I got a sex statement. While one of my friend's mother had booklets and visual aids regarding everything from sanitary napkins to 'love-making,' my mother came into my room, ducked her cigarette and said, "Men just want to stick their d***s in your p***y." She wasn't the motherly or nurturing type but she did give me something to think about--after my ears stopped bleeding that day!...more

The Sex Talk: What To Say Before Getting Down

By AnonymousSo you have found someone with whom you wish to get down and dirty. You may have known this person for years, you may have known them for hours (we are not here to judge who you knock bits with), but there’s some necessary awkwardness that should always precede the actual deed: The Talk. Let’s talk about having The Talk....more