How Parents can de-motivate Sexting in their Teens

Whatever the appeal of sexting is to kids (attention), it’s definitely there, and won’t be going away too soon. Of all the things that teens can do in their daily lives, why spend time sexting?...more

How to stop Teenage Sexting

Sexting is the act of sending images of a sexual nature via cell phone, often naked pictures. Because texting technology is so readily available and easy to understand, parents should be quite leery of telling themselves, “Oh, MY kid would never do that!” Studies showy your kid already did it. 12-17 year olds sext. And studies show 50-75 year olds do it as much as 18-25 year olds. Picture that!...more

Standards for the Sexting Slut

The fact of the matter is that I like sexting. It's more than some giggle worthy trend that banks me a lot of dick pics. I like that hot men and women are busy telling me what they want to do to my body while they're touching themselves. I like to be the reason someone gets horny enough to needto touch themselves in pleasure. ...more

Sexting as the new first base?

I have a friend with a name very close to my husband's. And I have to keep that in mind, because every time I pull up my husband's name in my phone's contact list, his name appears first. He's a good enough friend, so I've actually given him a fair warning that if he ever receives an inappropriate or confusing text from me to ignore it. (And preferably delete it.) Because when I send messages about being out of soap or a sappy "wish you were here" note, it was definitely meant for my husband....more

What Happened to Dinner and a Movie?

Seriously, what happened to dinner and a movie? That was the question I asked my best friend the other day.It seems like every guy I meet lately is only interested in one thing — sex. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not naive. I know that 99.9 percent of the time, sex is the only thing on the minds of men, but, come on, give a girl a little bit of credit....more

A letter to a teenage girl

A letter to a teenage girlSeptember 25, 2013by Veronica Valli...more

Anthony Weiner and Women: Who Is the Story Here?

Thursday's headlines that Anthony Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, thought herself to blame for the congressman's repeated forays into the lands of sexting women who were absolutely not her, kept the focus of his story exactly where it seems to have landed: on everyone involved but him. ...more
This is excellent. It's like you've been inside my head but saying it better.more

Steamy Sexts Get Leaked 60% of the Time

McAfee released the study Love, Relationships, and Technology: When Private Data Gets Stuck in the Middle of a Breakup, which examines at the pitfalls of sharing personal data in relationships and discloses how breakups can lead to exposure of private data.Nearly two-thirds of smartphone owners have personal and intimate information (such as revealing photos, bank account information, passwords, and credit cards) on their mobile devices, yet only 40% have password protection on their devices, leaving a huge gap in personal data protection....more

Teenage Sexting Can Lead to Legal Problems – Parents Learn The Dangers Involved with Sexting

Does you teenager have their own cell phone or have access to the computer?  If so, parents you should be aware that your child may be sending or receiving inappropriate messages, texts, photos, or videos of themselves....more

Self Destruct... Yeah, There's an App for That!

There is a relatively new app called SnapChat we need to talk about.  SnapChat is an app that allows the user to take pictures and send them to others for a few seconds before it “self destructs” and deletes. ...more
@JennaHatfield  I saw the advisory when I capped the shot.  I then thought, wow, had I sent a ...more